Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, so many factors in play, so many balls tossed up in the air juggled all at once.
Will they all land and if so where?

The KRG Erbil versus NAZI Iran Baghdad Oil Minister oil/gas contract authority conflict crescendos, ESCALATES, threatening to blow wide open shortly.

Correspondingly, within NAZI Iran, itself, competing factions behind the above, multiple interests who, undoubtedly, will influence and inflame events in Iraq.

Here's another nice little article about NAZI Islamic Iran's internecine power struggles, keeping the above in mind, which nobody seems to want to notice:

And, then, behind them, the array of international interests lined up, chafing at the bit, waiting to make concrete and realize their new PROMISED land and "emerging" PRIVATIZED, speculative market bubble, investments, profits and opportunities.

The Holy Grail for which ALL this mayhem, death and destruction occurs.

And, of course, both the internationally extensive Pahlavi organization and Zionist Israel waiting diligently but not so patiently in the wings to swoop down and save the day from all the above, depending on need and circumstances.

And, I have not even mentioned countries surrounding, adjacent to Iraq/Iran, each one with their own internal, external explosive situation, like Turkey's NAZI Islamic AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," consistently challenged from within and without, simultaneously bombing the PKK to smithereens.

And, of course, the Caucasus.
An interesting event regarding the Caucasus and Eastern Europe:
"Event at CSIS on June 29.
What Has Russia Been Promised About NATO Enlargement?":

Somebody PLEASE tell me there is/will be NO further explosive developments!!
I dare you!

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