Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is a very HURRIED post.

I have little time, but, could not resist a brief comment about recent developments and my predictions for:


Otherwise entitled, I told ya so!

I need not recapitulate what is happening in Persia/NAZI Iran as I write. Details and updates available most everywhere on the internet, TV, etc.

This is a Catch 22 for NAZI Iran millionaire Mullahs.
Damned if they do, damned if they do not. A cul-de-sac. Checkmate.

IF the millionaire Mullah's Ahmadimoron regime does not acquiesce to Mousavi, then, they will be regarded as illegitimate both within NAZI Iran and without.

That will make them a "pariah" state, liable to all kinds of international actions.

Thus, the present NAZI Iranian Mullah regime will be destabilized BOTH from within and without, i.e., the Middle East regime change, mopping up, congruency scenario unfolds.

The fact that almost ALL current global regimes are Fascist/NAZI ones is irrelevant, since ALL present themselves as something other than what they are, including NAZI Iran/Persia and of course NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.

So, as I have said all along, get ready for the UPCOMING MIDDLE EAST BIG BANG.

In my post below I speculated it might be alittle too early to celebrate Heritage and Turkey Genel's recent pre-arranged Kurdistan marriage because, for example, the following small dilemma still remains and relates to current NAZI Iran developments...

"...Norwegian oil producer DNO International said today that it has not yet received payment for its oil exports which began from its field in Kurdish north Iraq at the start of June, but was optimistic it would...

....However, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said yesterday the contracts the Kurdish authorities signed with companies such as DNO were illegal and that the companies would not be paid for the oil they are putting into the Baghdad-controlled pipeline system..."


And, while we glibly talk about such people as Shahristani, above, rarely does anybody bother here to give some background, context.
So, for example, here's alittle SANITIZED, FICTIONAL snapshot version about current NAZI Iran/Iraq Oil Minister, Al-Shahristani.
I do not have time for numerous searches and better links at the moment. This cursory view will have to suffice.

If you focus SOLELY on itinerary, FACTS related to his residence shuffles, CONTACTS abroad and with Iran, you get the idea.
I must say, if Saddam was paranoid, he had good reason to be.

He seems to have had an entire government nest, web, coterie of treacherous, upper echelon spies and well paid scumbags surrounding him, from this Shahristani to Hamid Jafar, all of whom were undoubtedly dangled their current high rewards for service to the Empire:

Finally, a personal note in this very brief post to someone in cyberspace. I am sure you are all familiar with the popular words of wisdom, "Watch your step." Those are my sagacious, profound comments to you now and forever in the future. Sometimes, it is helpful to look down as well as up and ahead.

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