Sunday, April 12, 2009


I thought I would celebrate this Easter holiday by pulling out multiple Easter Rabbits from the magician's sleight of hand, famous Hat Trick.

Sleight of hand is very appropo of these times.

So, first, an OBVIOUS Easter Bunny or Egg pulled out of the magician's hat.

If you have been following my blog and hundreds of other public sources from which I cull this information for many past years, this certainly comes as NO surprise.

"Iran To Privatize 600 Public Firms This Year."

Free investment advice available for all astute readers. First thing Monday morning, hop, skip, jump to your investment broker and have him/her/them put all or some of your Easter Eggs into Morgan Stanley's hippity-hop, up and coming, jumping, First Persia Fund, "Easter Bunny Fund."

Your financial Easter Eggs will undoubtedly hatch and proliferate to become ever more Easter Bunnies, IF, and, that is a major "IF" against a rapidly rising sea of contradictory imperialist, global rivalries, insurrection, opposition, resistance, backlash and a current backdrop of riots in Thailand's ASEAN conference, "they" have "their" way:

While on the subject of Iran's privatization, another tangential, but, very much related matter comes to mind.

It turns out, apparently, initially Iraq, then, Iranian emigre and multi-millionaire/billionaire, the Tchenguiz Brothers, residing in London, and their Rotch Property Group, played an instrumental role in Iceland's recent bubble and collapse.

These internecine banking/financial connections are being amply followed both by London and Icelandic news sources.

Since it is being so well covered in the preceeding places, I will only provide two links, below, to give a snapshot background of Tchenguiz, Rotch, the Iceland connection, for those completely unfamiliar with any of the preceeding.
The first link discusses Rotch, Iceland and Iceland's largest bank, Kaupthing:

This second link has a snippet biographical background on the Tchenguiz Brothers and their Rotch Property Group:

And, you can check out an independent Icelandic website for more coverage and a differing viewpoint:

However, going backwards in time, further connections exist between Rotch, Tchenguiz, the UAE that I am SURE will NOT be covered elsewhere.

So, I will link to a 2005 blog I did regarding these connections.

In that 2005 post I did not specifically mention the Tchenguiz Brothers as owners of the Rotch Property Group. That was an oversight on my part. I should have done so. It was a tacit, implicit, assumption.

And, as you will note, in my 2005 blog on this subject, a key link disappeared. The disappearing link, as in the case of so many others, had in it a flow chart, a diagram interconnecting the names mentioned in the article preceeding it which, fortunately, still exists.
But, as in the case of the missing links, Daniel Pearl has also disappeared.
So, here we go:

Merry Easter!

Count your blessings, rabbits and eggs!

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