Sunday, April 19, 2009


About those recent, apparently, it seems to me, pre-arranged, orchestrated, Thailand ASEAN protests.
First, a video discussing UAE and Thailand commercial relations:

And, then, Thailand's previous PM, now in Dubai, discussing further investments with Dubai and thanking his followers:

And, here's another good one about the return of another Nazi former PM to Thailand:

Much more available on this website.
Here's an older article, for example, from last year, June, 2008, clearly stating Iraq gas to supply Europe as an alternative to Russia's Gazprom.
Note, in particular, interestingly, Germany's name is absent below.
Where else in Europe is this gas going?
And, now, for the old news about supplying European gas from Iraq versus Russia's Gazprom:

Meanwhile, the Middle East, Caucasus confab, perfect storm, brews, percolates and bubbles up, simmering beneath the surface.
The GCC is being armed up to their teeth with Patriot Missiles and other military gadgetry, nuclear energy contracts, etc.
All sorts of goings on in that area.
Too much to itemize.
Behind public talk, words, overtures, posturing and positioning, which is ALL it is, from Nazi front man, Obooma, AND OTHERS, all hell is breaking loose.

Some time ago, in previous blogs, I said, anyone and everyone allied with Iran's lunatic, crypto religious, fanatic Nazi mullahs and militias will go down with them.
They have outlived their usefulness, they refuse to relinquish power and they are now a liability, an obstacle to "progress," the kiss of death, both literally and figuratively.
Likewise, the KRG and PKK.

Instead, they both stand now as impediments to the project of further regional economic privatization and integration.
They must go, one way or another.
If they do not recede quietly into the sunset, which appears to be what is happening, well, then, alternative means and ways exist.

Get ready for more orchestrated shock and awe as the Middle East, Iraq/(Iran)Persia mopping up, regime change and congruency scenario unfolds.

I think we should be calling them/it Persians/Persia, since Iran was a name apparently given to Persia by Nazi Germany. An Aryan name.
Here's alittle background on the "name game":

Additionally, of course, increased militarization and further war helps a flagging Nazi dictatorship, like that of United Suckers and Assholes nation, solidify, rationalize, justify and fortify itself against "threats" both internal and external, political disagreements and disarray, and helps to concentrate power with the excuses of wartime exigencies, and so on, not just here, but, anywhere.

And, for example, another problematic, flagging Nazi Dictatorship is Turkey's Islamic AKP.
More demonstrations around them and of course Turkey's upcoming Mayday events:

Wish I knew one, just one, appropriate word or phrase in Turkish to cheer them on.
Alas, I do not.
My kingdom for a Turkish word or phrase.
So, someone, out there???

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