Wednesday, April 8, 2009


First, some celebratory congratulations to Moldova-electing Communists to office.
Let's see if a Fascist sponsored "colored" revolution happens.

And, continued from previous threads and posts below regarding the more than sorry state of politics and labor affairs in Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship, I have a one hour program, below. The first 20 minutes, approximately, encompasses some generalized historical background. Then, around minute 20-25, they move into current events with another clip from a documentary made preceeding the US Presidential elections in 2008:

"The Victory Of The FMPR Puerto Rican Teachers, The SEIU And Business Unionism - Dec 19, 2008":

After watching the above video, I EXCERPTED a few lines from a rebuttal or commentary written by someone from the advocates of "universal, single payer" health care insurance, those OPPOSED by the Andy Stern gang, SEIU, AFL-CIO(CIA) business/Fascist/collaborative labor hierarchy and Obooma supporters:

"...Our motto – no compromise with the health insurance industry.
Either we die first.
Or the health insurance corporations die first.
Fight to the finish..."


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