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I will not comment DIRECTLY about events happening in Europe surrounding a Nazi G20 meeting and NATO.
It is and will be well reported elsewhere in various independent media sources, websites and blogs, from there, as well as here.

And, since I am physically situated here, not there, instead, I thought I would spend my time today demonstrating HOW news gets spun, political posturing and realities behind it ALL.

While headlines blather about Germany/France versus US/UK at a Nazi G20, here's alittle bit of collaboration occurring behind the scenes in another, related part, of the world more important to the greater scheme of global capital penetration, expansion and privatization than "Old Europe."

What should we call this area?
"New" Eurasia?

Note, two slightly differing versions of the same report.
In the first one, it claims UNSPECIFIED Iranian PRIVATE firms:

"German Army spokesman confirms negotiations with Iranian Private Firms...[to supply NATO troops in Afghanistan]:"

In the following, again, UNSPECIFIED, it says PRIVATE German firms negotiating with Iran.
Following also fails to mention WHO in Iran:

One might conclude BOTH reports correct.
Private German AND Private Iranian interests.
We might speculate WHO OR WHICH private firms, interests being conduits in this negotiating.
More about this to follow below.

In addition, there should hardly be any surprise about a recently reached agreement at a Nazi G20 meeting to invest trillions of dollars into the IMF for supposed financial assistance and "emerging markets."

I posted voluminous amounts of information on past entries about the extraordinary, coincidental, timing of our financial "crash," Presidential s-election, and the simultaneous revolving, backdoor money-go-round from a cash stuffed PRIVATE, GCC, UAE, Dubai speculative bubble into the IMF, World Bank and their subsequent purchase of distressed assets, investments and supposed "reorganization" of the global financial network that would "include" them at an upcoming G20 meeting and Doha rounds.
But, alot of posturing and unexpected compromising due to European resistance.
Now, let's return to a subject I did on previous blogs concerning Iranian/Iraq regime change, mopping up, congruency and a First Persia Fund.
Here is a recent, most current,lreport on an Iranian entity called Bank Melli.
I cannot do more than reproduce this introductory sentence because the link from which it came requires subscription:

"Iran Bank Melli Fund May Get Boost From Be...TEHRAN (Dow Jones)--Mehr Cayman, an affiliate of Iran's state-run Bank Melli, plans to raise more money for an investment fund that targets Iranian stocks if relations between Tehran and Washington improve after Iran's June 12 presidential elections, its managing director said. 'It's a contingent..."

Now, curiously, Iran's Bank Melli is sanctioned by US Treasury:

BUT, Bank Melli's affiliate, mentioned above, Mehr Cayman, happens ALSO to be the sponsor of THE FIRST PERSIA FUND. An EXCERPT FROM ABOVE LINK:

"...Two entities, MEHR Cayman Ltd. and First Persian Equity Fund, were designated because they are owned or controlled by, or acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of,directly or indirectly,MEHR and BMIIC..."

And, as I had on my earlier blogs, WHO is the First Persia Fund?
Well, here's alittle sample of "Our Team" from the First Persia Website.
Feast your eyes upon it:

And, as a further reminder, I pulled the following link from a blog I did in APRIL, 2008 in which I first noted the First Persia Fund AND I said that any Mullah is no match for MORGAN STANLEY with their internationally affiliated Nazi connections:

And, apparently, Bank Melli is both Iran's largest AND well-connected in Dubai.
Alittle background on Melli-Dubai:

Perhaps you can figure out what happens next.

And, following from the above, Iran, Dubai, Morgan Stanley, Nazis International connections, a note regarding Russia and China's recent proposal about the dollar.
A fairly interesting background explanation by John Helmer concerning Putin, Medvedev, their connections to their abysmal Nazi, oligarchical scum and reasons behind their dollar problem:

Now, just in case anyone in THAT part of the world, the former USSR, should happen to get the crazy idea that Bolshevisim, Stalinism or Communism was a good thing, far more preferable to Nazi Dictatorships, JBANC is hard at work to make sure they are dissuaded of such nasty recurrences. One can peruse many events listed on their website:

And, as alittle side note, Egypt's EMG continues selling gas to Israel and a court battle against it was predictably lost:

And, finally, just as the Bolsheviks, Stalin or any CP history has to be deconstructed and delegitimized in the former Soviet Union, a la jbanc, here's the last of the Chalabi interview with an Arabic newspaper.
Similar process occurs regarding Hussein and the Baath Party in Chalabi's version of history.
Nonetheless, it has some interesting background connections, once one discounts fiction, spin, bias and whitewash:

So, the whole story remains reactionary, counter-revolutionary economic privatization and its consequent, deepening, ongoing, imperialist contradictions and rivalries both within and without.
No ultimate solution other than that which they are all trying to deny, discard, escape, nullify, suppress, repress and so forth.

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