Sunday, April 26, 2009


Maybe, if you live elsewhere on the globe, closer to the theatre of war, you are aware of all that is transpiring, facts on the ground.
Perhaps, it is part of your daily digestible or indigestible dinner conversation.

But, I can assure everyone elsewhere, United Suckers and Assholes understands NOTHING whatsoever of the actual combustible ingredients about to ignite and engulf Iraq and its surrounding environs in flames.
They certainly understand nothing about Iran's role, the GCC, etc.

Instead, United Suckers and Assholes lives in splendid isolation, geographically surrounded by two oceans and two more or less benign countries to the north and south.
So, they haven't the foggiest hint of what is happening or building in the real world outside their geographical boundaries. They barely know what happens in their own country.

At this point, further global war, conflagration and escalation is inevitable.

Too many competing, conflicting European and regional commercial interests, imperialist powers and their respective regional surrogates, proxies, alliances are jostling, jockeying, colliding, overlapping with one another for economic dominance throughout the Middle East and Caucasus region.
It is similar to the mounting pressures, fissures, tensions, colliding and tectonic forces of an earthquake.

Iran is privatizing everything.
The dead carcass of Iraq is being fought over by just about everybody.
No regional economic power with major military assets of any sort is about to acquiesce its position and relinquish power.
On the contrary.
All these despotic, Fascist Dictatorships are hanging on for dear life, digging themselves in deeper and deeper, building defensive moats around their regimes.

The status of Kirkuk remains unsettled, a ticking time bomb.
Likewise, the KRG. And, Peshmerga.
An Iraq oil law has yet to be passed.
International energy contracts between the KRG and Baghdad are continuously made, broken, reputed, contested.

Ukraine agreed to transit NATO supplies to Afghanistan, thereby circumventing the need to acquiesce either to Russia or Iran.
Ukraine, possibly Georgia, as well, will join NATO.
The Baltics are another sizzling Nazi cesspool.
(See for updates in that area).

Turkey's Fascist crypto-Islamic AKP is busy negotiating with everyone simultaneously bombing the PKK, along with the US and Iran.

Gazprom's projects are threatened.
Nabucco promoted.

This list goes on.
No diplomatic resolution whatsoever is in sight.
Just further and further tension and escalation.

And, here's but one article about Iraq which recapitulates the preceding in different format:

"Iraqi Oil: Black Gold or Black Hole?":

At the same link/website, many more articles on the above.
Note, an interview at the top with Former Iraq PM Allawi whom I suspect is favored to be returned to power:

The contradictions and repercussions too insoluble now.
An explosion forthcoming.

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