Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have EXCERPTED the following text from a link provided below.
Please, however, be sure to read the entire link/report/commentary.

I will repeat, ONCE AGAIN, "the problem," as so eloquently expressed below, is NOT an isolated event attached to this single, one domestic issue of universal, single payer, not-for-profit health care insurance.

"The problem" is SYSTEMIC.

Universal, single payer health care is itself but a symptom of that diseased, morbidly pathological system and PATTERN of operation.

The system is a dying, decadent, dysfunctional, barbaric, irrational, insane, totally, completely debased and debauched, diseased, prehistoric, extinct relic and dinosaur species clinging onto survival by ever increasing violent, repressive, suppressive, oppressive, suffocating means and threads, hanging on to lifeboats and rafts for dear life:

"...None of which will do anything to fundamentally alter the private health insurance industry and drug industry’s death grip on America’s health consumers.
So, no Karen Ignagni is not the problem.
Billy Tauzin is not the problem.
The Republican Party is not the problem.
We know where they stand.
They stand with big corporations.
Against the American people.
The problem is Ron Pollack.
The problem is Max Baucus.
The problem is the Democratic Party.
The problem lies with people who say they stand with the people.
But end up standing with Billy Tauzin.
And Karen Ignagni.
And big pharma.
And the private health insurance industry.
The problem is that the so called opposition is no opposition at all..."


And, where are the mass street protests, militant labor actions, strikes, sit ins, walkouts, opposition, resistance, dramatic actions, unity, CONFRONTATION?

Not just single payer, but, how about United Suckers and Assholes SIMULTANEOUS multi-trillion dollar debt, tax serfdom, bondage, giveaway, bailout, gift, subsidies to the very SAME PRIVATE CORPORATE INTERESTS?

And where is everyone?
Where is the CONFRONTATION and militant action?
Same as above.

Even students in Austria do a better job than United Suckers and Assholes despicable, disgusting, abysmal, nauseating, deplorable, servile, groveling Nazi collusion, subterfuge, investments, collaboration, rationalization and apologetics.
Altho I do NOT support the Trotskyists, historically, I have merely used the following link from their website to highlight recent Austrian events in comparison, juxtaposed to the non-existent opposition, obsequious acquiescence, collusion, collaboration, participation in/with the goals of United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Stanley Obooma Nazi Dictatorship.
I repeat, if you expect anything different from the above in foreign affairs, you are an equally ignorant, self-delusional fool, idiot and jackass:

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