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The following report/article essentially continues and updates previous blogs I did regarding Andy Stern's SEIU, Change to Win, mafia led, dictatorial, Fascist gangster labor union.

Mention is made in the following link about Detroit Local 24.
See my previous blog for background reminder about Detroit Local 24:


Meanwhile, BEFORE reading the following, I feel a few explanatory remarks are necessary for the uninitiated.

First of all, NO question exists about characterizing Andy Stern's SEIU, Change to Win, as harrassment, intimidation, strong arm, threatening, dictatorial and gangster style.
It is well documented in Puerto Rico and elsewhere, many times over.

So, for example, in the following EXCERPT, I understand and support ANYONE trying, attempting, to disassociate themselves from Andy Stern's SEIU, Change to Win, dictatorial, corrupt, mafia led labor confederation:

"Citing Stern’s meddling in UNITE HERE affairs, HERE allies responded by preparing a breakaway from the Change to Win federation, and approving talks to rejoin the AFL-CIO..."

Of course, the AFL-CIO (AFL-CIA) is not a whole lot better.
But, perhaps we might characterize the above as jumping from the fire back into the frying pan, rather than the other way around.
Relative degrees of heat.

And, I can ALSO say WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE the negative characteristics below about the ANA, American Nurses Association, are absolutely correct.
The ANA is actually far worse in terms of elitist practices than what is said below.

And, the CNA, California Nurses Association, is definitely one of the better, most/more progressive unions in this country.
The CNA stood alone amongst all labor unions to support Ralph Nader's initial Presidential candidacy, campaign and universal SINGLE PAYER health care, amongst other issues.
The CNA is consistent.

I point out the above, in case you are unaware of it, because, you will read below an issue being touted supposedly as pro-labor and progressive, the Employee Free Choice Act, which happens to be actively and aggressively supported by the gangster, Andy Stern, SEIU union.

So, consider the real consequences, purposes and reasons for Stern's aggressively promoted Employee Free Choice Act in the paragraph/EXCERPT below:

"...At least part of the reason for the merger mania is defensive. Nurse union leaders said they expect many of the 15 industrial and service unions that currently have some nurse members to flood hospitals with authorization cards if the Employee Free Choice Act passes, and they want a well-resourced national union to ensure that nurses organize nurses..."

With the preceeding explanations and caveats, the entirety of the article/link follows:


Now, in addition to all the above, Andy Stern's:
"SEIU employees picket outside their own union to protest layoffs":


And, in an excerpt from my own blog entry, karlmarxwasright, from June, 2007:

"...In an article from the WSJ, May 30, 2007, entitled,

"Labor Leader, Buyout Kings Speak Same Language," the following, just a few small excerpts, sentences from the article:

"....Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union [SEIU]...has in recent months been meeting quietly--and cordially--with the leaders of the largest buyout firms including Mr. Rubenstein [Carlylye Group], Blackstone Group's Stephen Schwarzman and David Bonderman of TPG....Mr. Stern says he is trying to find a new way for labor to engage with business. 'We get it. We understand,' he says. 'All this global competition means America needs a new economic plan...Mr. Stern found he had leverage with the buyout firms, in part BECAUSE SO MUCH OF THEIR FUNDING COMES FROM UNION-DOMINATED PUBLIC PENSION FUNDS. [MY EMPHASIS]...The top executives of buyout firms make their exorbitant paydays by keeping as much as 20% of the profits of their funds, which are then paid out to them and taxed at the low capital gains rate of 15% rather than the top personal income tax of 35%. The Senate Finance Committee is looking into the tax issue and Mr. Stern with his close ties to the Democratic politicians could prove critical in the debate. Therein lies the makings of a deal. Stern has suggested the buyout firms could help his cause by, for instance, adopting standards that would encourage the use of unionized janitorial services in buildings. He hasn't said what he wants in return. But, one possibility: He eases up on his criticism of their favorable tax treatment..."
Excerpt above, links below:




Given all the above, it is my claim that the much touted, ballyhooed, Employee Free Choice Act should NOT be supported BECAUSE it is actually the opposite of what it claims to be, regressive, divisive and should be more properly labelled:


In addition, each and every time an opportunity presents itself, such as Ralph Nader's Presidential campaigns, to demand repeal of the notorious 1947, anti-labor, Taft-Hartley Law, organized labor NEVER supports or demands its repeal.
They have been deafeningly silent on this matter, forever.
And, for anyone/everyone completely unfamiliar with the notoriously abhorrent, anti-union, 1947 US Congressional Taft-Hartley law, here is a SNAPSHOT background:


Finally, here is an additional first hand report about a recent Andy Stern gang labor event at Boston's Harvard University with some well known, familiar ersatz, i.e., fake Left names, like Mr. Evil Soviet Empire Chomsky, Larry Summers of Harvard and advisor to Obooma, (recall: Harvard's entire Iraq Expatriate Iraq Memory Foundation circle, Kanan Makiya, Chalabi, Rend Rahim Francke, Merchantbridge, Trade Bank of Iraq connections), et.al.
Circles within overlapping concentric circles.
Also, be sure to note one paragraph below mentioning control over the last, standing, US labor bank, Amalgamated.
It is an important issue:


So, why so suddenly concerned with this nice sounding, Employee Free Choice Act, while leaving intact the ominous Taft-Hartley Law?
There's more to be said about all this.
But, I think my main, primary point is made above.

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