Saturday, April 25, 2009


When one starts with nothing, or, on the negative, minus side of zero on the numerical scale, then the following represents some positive movement in the correct direction towards materializing and coalescing labor opposition, resistance, a more progressive agenda and POWER base in United Suckers and Assholes nation.

Do not expect miracles.

It is a step, a nascent BEGINNING and, as such, MUST be supported.
Every journey begins with the first step.

The following video concerns opposition to Andy Stern's Fascist, mafia led SEIU labor union dictatorship, its tactics and the organization of a NEW labor union in response, NUHW, National Union of Healthcare Workers with Al Roselli.

Keep in mind, also, Andy Stern's SEIU is Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Stanley Obooma Dictatorship's MAJOR so-called labor front supporter.

Andy Stern's SEIU gang ALSO provides a service, what I call rent a crowd, mob, hired thugs, goon squad for all and any ocassion necessary, tailored to meet your needs and demands.

They were amongst the most predominant screaming and yelling mob of morons showing up at many former Republican VP Sarah Palin local speaking venues.

I know because I speak from personal experience.
They are and were horrendous, obnoxious, disgusting, stupid and proud of their ignorance.
The more stupid, the better.

Anyway, the following video is approximately an hour.
Links are provided at the end but I will post them below, anyway, should you be further interested:

Here are the two links mentioned at the end of the video above:

And, today, I thought I would end with two additional historical continuums/legacies of international, reactionary, counter-revolutionary Fascism/Nazism.

The first from an interesting former Yugolsav, now Republic of Slovenia, anti-Fascist website, apparently, it seems, from Ljubljana, what was a relatively small, beautiful, gorgeous town in northern Yugoslavia.
Have no idea how it is now.

If you look on the LEFT hand sidebar of the English language homepage, there is a "video" option.
Click onto "video" and you will see some interesting footage, I believe.

Although the videos are not in English, nonetheless, much of the content is more or less apparent, thanks to the wonders of an alphabet:

And, then, adding to the subject matter above, two more excellent posts ON THE SAME THEME from a blog successfully resuscitated from the dead in cyberspace censorship recently. FIRST:

Then, a followup to the above:

And, finally, I will conclude, ONCE AGAIN, NOTHING LESS then the ULTIMATE restoration and RENATIONALIZATION of ALL natural resources, treasure, wealth and industry created by labor, PRIVATELY stolen and appropriated for personal wealth and aggrandizement, EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE, must be reappropriated back to its collective, cooperative domain and public ownership from whence all wealth, natural resources and value added originates and to solve, address, mitigate, advance our collective, global, human experience, agenda on this planet.
No justice and no peace and no humanity is possible, otherwise.
Humans will simply annihilate themselves and ultimately become extinct from the extreme excesses necessitated by the internal contradictions of a totally, completely barbaric, primitive, irrational, atavistic, insane, pathologically competitive, profit driven, rapacious capitalist system which is attempting to restore itself and dominate the globe.
We inhabit this dynamic planet TOGETHER in a changing, explosive universe.
In this grand human experiment, we sink or swim TOGETHER.

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