Thursday, April 9, 2009


Old Europe has upset the entire applecart with their unexpected, unanticipated class unity, opposition and resistance.
But, the main game lay still outside Old US and Western Europe.
The US and Europe are the periphery.
Center stage of capital advance, speculation and penetration is the "NEW" Middle East, North Africa, Eurasia project, Great Game.

The outcome of the entire Fascist capital expansion project hinges on success there, not here.
If they lose there, they lose everything.

And, that applecart, too, is chock full not with coffee, but, with contradictory,competing and conflicting imperialist hegemonic rivalries and dictatorial, repressive, unstable Nazi regimes with their own, internal opposition.

So, let's begin todays global tour de force with Egypt.

Here is the website for Egypt's premiere, private investment fund, Citadel Capital. And, here is the background of Citadel's "team."

You can find out more about which projects Citadel finances by searching their website. Egypt's EFG Hermes personnel helped establish Citadel so their name figures prominently in their "Team":

And, Citadel Capital launched something very appropriately labelled, Egypt Sphinx Fund, located in the Cayman Islands:

And B-I-N-G-O!

From 2007:

"...Citadel Capital of Egypt Picks Morgan, Citi for IPO in Main Forum; Citadel Capital, the Egyptian buyout company managing $7 billion, picked Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc. to organize its $350 million ...

By the way, an important note, caveat, is in order here, I feel. Egyptian workers, working class, have made valiant attempts to wage class struggle, but, as anyone can see, they are caught between the long, repressive arm of Egypt's Dictatorial Fascist state, representing the interests above, and, the equally abysmal, reactionary, divisive Muslim Brotherhood. So, for example, the following about another squashed Egypt National/General Strike:

To add one more to the Egyptian Fascist Club above, here's another from March, 2008 about EFG-Hermes in which the whole gang is mentioned, Abraaj, Dubai, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley:

In addition, Morgan Stanley has been picked for a Saudi Arabian brokerage license.

And, as a brief reminder, I will backtrack to January, 2009, when Morgan Stanley and Citigroup combined to form a joint, global brokerage partnership:

And, another significant combination alittle while back was, Sept 2008:

"...Morgan Stanley Announces Plan to Pursue Global Strategic Alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSep 22 2008 New York, Tokyo
...Morgan Stanley today announced that it has entered into a letter of intent to pursue a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. ("MUFG"), Japan's largest banking group and the world's second largest bank holding company with $1.1 trillion in bank deposits...."

Preceeding EXCERPT from link below...

Here's an EXCERPT, link below, from appxly one year ago, February, 2008, which has a few good statistics regarding:

"...EFG-Hermes currently has 18% of the market in Egypt, 10% in Dubai and 12% in Abu Dhabi. Established in 1984, the firm went public with a US$50m GDR offering in July 1998, and now has a market capitalisation in excess of US$2.5bn..."

Above excerpt from...

Meanwhile, back in Iran, protests to the contrary, Iran welcomes US oil companies. (And, of course, always recall Morgan Stanley's First Persia Fund):

As for Iran's nukes, no problem.

Dubai, GCC, UAE, Arab states will be loaded to the gills with NATO and nuclear power, not to mention Israel.

And, of course, Iraq is being privatized by just about every imperialist entity under the sun.

Then, all the countries surrounding Russia are in turmoil, due to the competing factions and interests all represented above, jostling, jockeying and fighting for their particular slice of the privatized commercial pie.

At the nub of it all is still the problem surrounding Gazprom, regional hegemony, monopoly, competition and who supplies energy to Europe.

And, for a nice, small roundup of some of the doings of Russia's Fascist oligarchs, whom Putin and Medvedev protect, also, follow John Helmer's website:

And, so, the global, economic tidal wave of the Nazi/Fascist juggernaut of United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan slave boy Obooma Dictatorship rolls on with tsunami like force, tearing away everyone and everything obstructing its path, indifferent to death, destruction, multilation, disease, starvation, torture, you name it. Nothing inhibits natural disasters. Likewise, no considerations, no factors inhibit this artifically created, barbaric, man made, human catastrophe from its appointed goal.

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