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In the second half of yesterday's blog, just below this one, I had some updates, commentary and links regarding Iraq/Iran mopping up, congruency, and regime change scenarios.
Either read today's entry, first, and refer back to yesterday's post, just below, OR, vice versa.
In case you are too lazy to scroll down, here's a direct link to yesterday's entry.
Again, scroll down approximately half way to middle section where I begin discussing "mopping up," the UAE heading, etc:

So, immediately following yesterday's blog entry, the following appears.
I am going to link to this commentary FIRST, BECAUSE, Badger, whomever he/she/they is/are, says it would be difficult to translate from Arabic.
And, he/she/they make some comments about the Arabic version, I presume.
Well, Chalabi's interview IS translated into English.
I have no idea how well, but, it SEEMS reasonably good to me.
And, I will link to the English translation just below the following:

And, now, for the English translation.
MY only comment is that one must be an informed consumer of information.
So, while some information is undeniably true, other facts are omitted and/or distorted.

There is one generalized assertion I can make that is assuredly accurate and often intentionally overlooked and underemphasized.
Chalabi's circle, represented by Kanan Makiya of Harvard University's Iraq Memory Project, mentioned above, to which I will link, below, Rend Rahim Francke, Basil Rahim (Merchantbridge, privatizing Iraq's state industries), et. al., have one very significant common denominator and background.


They ALL were/are former WEALTHY Iraq expatriates, whose assets/holdings were expropriated more or less around Saddam's time.
And, they, their families, played prominent roles previously both in Iraqi social structure and the greater Middle East prior to the point of their expropriation.
The above is characterized historically as a RESTORATIONIST and counter-revolutionary enterprise.
The former Iraq wealthy expatriate circle is not irrational.
They act out of narrow, parochial, greedy, selfish economic self-interest and are utilized, rewarded, employed and well compensated for their services by other, more global, larger reactionary, Nazi/Fascist forces and economic players, such as private multinational corporations.
In this case, Iraqi wealthy expatriates create the INTERNAL glue, utilizing and facilitating their previous social connections and intimacy, making counter-revolution from outside forces, such as the US, possible.
It is mutually beneficial and a symbiotic relationship.
This relationship is what is meant often by the term "intelligence."

Of course, that does not garauntee all runs smoothly, as everybody can see.
Competing and conflicting contradictory economic self-interests, clashes, self-motivated misinformation, false evaluations, misleading information, blackmail, betrayal, greed, profit, self-aggrandizement, intrique, murder, resistance, backlash, etc. are all inherent in this situation.
Establishment apologists and propagandists like to employ euphemistic terms like poor, faulty or good intelligence to characterize the above.
And, of course, double, triple speak descriptive terms.

So, below are two short informational pieces, background reminders, in English, about the interconnectedness of wealthy expatriates Kanan Makiya, his Iraq Memory Project/Foundation, Rend Rahim Francke, Basil Rahim, etc. as a reference point.
If you do searches on the above, MUCH more info available in ARABIC, as well as English.
One could do the same for all names involved, including, of course, Chalabi's prior extensive Iraq family circle and greater Middle East connections and holdings.
And, in addition, we now have another name added into the mix, Hamid Jafar of Dana/Crescent/Abraaj.
Anyway, here are two starting links:

And, a second little reminder of the above interconnections:

Meanwhile, thanks to the above link, I discovered an additional informative source detailing Merchantbridge's pedigrees and interconnectedness, to which I will link, below.
Interestingly, their report also mentions the subject of OFFSETS, about which the deceased WSJ reporter, Daniel Pearl, had written in relationship to murky UAE establishments.
I will link to my UAE, Pearl, Offets post after the following:

And, now, for my UAE, Pearl, Offets entry to which I referred, above:

And, altho the following is tangential to the subject of my present blog entry, nonetheless, I will add it anyway.
I discovered this ALSO from the above entry on Merchantbridge. It is gratuitous, but, it caught my attention and I thought I would highlight it, anyway, in case you happened to miss it because I found it quite riveting.
It is the French
"Pinay Circle of Power":

Enough information presented here for today not to add any more regarding the latest updates on post-invasion Iraq Mopping Up, Regime Change and Congruency scenarios surrounding Iraq/Iran.
Chew on the above for awhile.

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