Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Link below about Greece but similar refrain sung here as well.

Not precisely the same, of course, but, comparable.

Cynical hypocrisy exists in abundance HERE as well as in Greece.

Misnomer Left and Right leg, hand, body appendages, characterized nominally as Opposition, attached to SAME toxic NAZI CORPSE of appeasement, collaboration, collusion, PRIVATE pension and health fund investment, work in tandem together towards a lucrative global Great Game ONLY for those on the winning, i.e., PRIVATE PROPERTY, SIDE.

Abject, total, complete, capitulation, DENIAL, collusion, disillusion, Orwellian illusion, despair, anger, fiction, resentment.

No class here, but, instead, only a carefully nurtured and sponsored identity, race, gender, sex, religion, age, politics.

Class and ownership disappears  entirely from dialogue, discussion, action, like, best example, Single Payer Health Care--OFF THE TABLE!!

NO labor unions, but, mafia controlled investment businesses POSING as labor unions, partnered with NAZI corporations and covert, clandestine, international, global CIA operations.

A ubiquitous "They" call it "Soft" as distinguished from "Hard Power," merely indicating uncomfortable, unpleasant, military interventions and dead bodies, refugees, etc.

Objective the same, but, tactics differ.

A completely infiltrated, penetrated, purged, compromised, influence peddling, morphed CP, read liberal or Social Democrat, FRONT group NOW operates for THOSE ABOVE, functioning as a part of what I call S.O.S, i.e, a Save Our [Their] System club.

Barbaric NAZI pseudo Islamic regimes of IRAN & KRG OCCUPIED, annexed, IRAQ opportunistically ignored, denied, by ALL named above AND abroad, as well.

Onerous US Debt, Stimulus, Quantitative Easing, Oboomacare, SUPPORTED by ALL above.

Privatization abounds.

Real estate speculation, development, and stock market asset bubbles, IPOs, up, up and away.

Trickle down state, city, local, PRIVATE-PUBLIC sponsored "growth, development, jobs" a mantra of those ABOVE.

All part of Urban Renewal, otherwise known as urban removal.

NAME OF pernicious, insidious, not so GREAT GAME being PROFIT, profit, profit.
MORE, MORE, MORE lucrative construction.
Redundant garbage, shit, produced, while land, geography, topography, raped, plundered, paved, eliminated, etc.

Agriculture monopolized by PRIVATE toxic chemical corporations, pollution galore, heavy industry, "farm" concentration, and, onerous debt to all those named above.

Federal subsidy for ALL PRIVATE developments including, encompassing, health care, education, food, energy, industry, housing, money--you name it.

NAZI trash sits in formerly what was a USSR, now OCCUPIED Moscow, Eastern Europe, along with every other reactionary global capital.

So, because we happen here to sit in a NAZI global earthquake epicenter what happens below in Greece simply MULTIPLIES many times over.

Between ongoing, continuous, recidivist, man made economic disaster, cyclical boom and bust, war, concomitant, inexorable, global climate change repercussions from exigencies of POLICIES above, NOBODY dare challenge preceding economic SYSTEMIC UNDERPINNING, PRIVATE property relationships, and, a NAZI hand that feeds and OWNS ALL!!

Modern day, obedient, subservient, indentured, servitude, slaves.

As a consequence NO systemic CHANGE expected anywhere as gigantic Dis-united Suckers and Assholes Titanic Ship of State lurches forward precipitously on a slow, but, steady, SUICIDAL TRAJECTORY otherwise known as "progress."

A totally dysfunctional system with NO PRINCIPLED leadership to be seen ANYWHERE in sight.

So, amen to below, amplified by above:


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