Saturday, July 26, 2014


"YAWL" (you all) are too late.

Collaborators, appeasers, apologists, front groups, career covert operatives, opportunists, sycophants,  etc.

Damage done.

You had numerous golden opportunities--
wasted, squandered, gone.

Timing (and location) being everything in life.

So, everything NOW spins out of THEIR control, consequence of an inevitable, internal, disastrous logic.

In Greatest Dis-united Suckers and Assholes NAZI  Dictatorship on Planet Earth, we have another useless mid-term s-election process in November which most everybody with any brains knows Republicans set to win, BECAUSE, as I repeat many times, necessity exists for PREDETERMINED change, a see-saw, swing, BLAME GAME AND FINGER POINTING, one, two, punch, change and hope in which stupid idiots believe.

After that, Presidential s-election outcome also predetermined for reasons as above, altho, a CHANCE does exist that a new Congress will resort to some sensationalized impeachment proceedings, pressure, as part of a pretend scenario before official elections facilitating another superficial "regime change" mirage.

So, eat Iran, your respective Islamic terror regimes for breakfast, lunch and supper, along with THEIR great liberator in Russia, and PRIVATE health care, pensions, astronomical debt, inflation, a PRIVATELY OWNED US Federal Reserve money tree, i.e, quantitative easing policies, stimulus, FREE MONEY for THEIR respective partners, clients, friends, and, local trickle down policies.

You have well earned it.
Sit back and enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor.

Just for the heck of it, as an exercise in futility, I include one more link below regarding NAZI voodoo economic fiascoes.
NO Marxist, for sure.
But, heck of alot better than ALL misnomer Left and Right foot LOYAL "opposition" combined above.

At least, minimum, he emphasizes HISTORY as a most important FACT.

More than I can say for most everyone else.

And, after reading, perhaps, he/I could/should add, advise, everyone to crawl under a rock, into a hole, cave, hibernate for a foreseeable, indefinite, indeterminate, future as a physical, mental, emotional, intellectually degraded HUMAN tsunami NOW exists, a NEGATIVE, UNHEALTHY, antagonistic, inhospitable, unkind, insecure, mean, brutish, hostile, hateful, dangerous, pathological, bestial, barbaric, demagogue, primitive, WORLD, unfriendly to living organisms, where life is CHEAP, dirt, expendable, as long as it is not THEIR own but someone else.

Life's value being measured by MONEY and money alone, "man" certainly NOT being "a measure of all things."




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