Friday, July 18, 2014


A recent kerfuffle developed when Australian NAZI CIA/drug/money laundering/MURDER INC. CRIMINAL  cartel, empire, kingpin, Murdoch media conglomerate offered to buy another US NAZI commercial media empire of Time-Warner.
Time-Warner rejected Murdoch's offer.
Perhaps price too low.

Not sure.
Might still happen.

Both above, of course, produce intellectual garbage, junk food, for which they get paid LOTS of money.
Total waste of valuable resources, assets, talent and OUR AIR WAVES!!

Anyway, I thought I would remind everyone about some of Murdoch's connections and what previously was and NOW becomes an even more expanded PRIVATIZED GLOBAL WAR under current US "peace president, or, change you can believe," CIA puppet, stooge, straw man, empty headed, vacuous, Obooma.

Murdoch is/was intimately connected with a South Asia covert operation through then Australian based Nugan Hand Bank, subsequently morphed into BCCI, and, of course, BCCI connected also to/with current Abraaj/Naqvi Iraq JAFAR empire.

A TON of information exists about above subject matter.

Mentioned in link below are 2 very good books and authors, Jonathan Kwitny and Alfred McCoy.

Kwitny, for a brief period of time, HAD a POWERFUL news program on Public TV Broadcasting in which he delved into sensational material like that represented below.

But, Kwitny, not unexpectedly, disappeared from media sometime back never to be heard again.
He did, however, write a book.

All of this material, of course, despite being publicly available, detailed, documented, nonetheless, suppressed, ignored, by major NAZI partnered ESTABLISHMENT institutions of ALL stripes, varieties, hues.

One of many Open Secrets.

Additionally, I STOPPED some time ago reading what previously was a very good publication, Wall St. Journal, after  NAZI CITIGROUP connected Mexico Salinas placed himself onto Dow Jones BOARD, then parent company of WSJ publication.

And, after that, MURDOCH put the finishing touch onto WSJ by purchasing it.

So, now, WSJ is just another piece of garbage, trash, like most current media and entertainment outlets, such as those named above.

I chose only ONE out of many hundreds of links available regarding above/below history, Nugan Hand Bank, because ONE sentence in it I think nicely describes, encapsulates, a FLAVOR of what sits in POWER NOW thruout our globe and their PRIVATELY held corporations.

One sentence excerpt first:

"...One former Nugan Hand director has stated on oath that Hand warned Bank executives:
“If we didn’t do what we were told, and things weren’t handled properly, our wives would be cut into pieces and put in boxes and sent back to us”..."


I thought above nicely represents our most current batch of NAZI manufactured Islamic mercenaries everywhere ALONG with other PRIVATELY held "security" firms composed of comparable Brown Shirt, SS, Gestapo, Mafioso type thugs, adventurists and psychopaths for hire.

Thus, it comes as NO surprise to ME when one or more Egypt TV broadcasts points out the obvious, as below.

I BELIEVE, not sure, Moroccan troops MAY have been used in Yemen:

IF you want more info on above material, just do some searches and reading.
Plenty available.

I mention a word ONLY about most current sensationalist event making headlines--another downed commercial plane, this time, Ukraine.

My PERSONAL feeling, HUNCH, is that  RUSSIAN supplied moron separatists in Ukraine MADE A MILITARY BLUNDER!!

That's the explanation, pure and simple.

The FACT that I find MOST curious is WHY TWO planes, this and one shortly before it that disappeared, both are MALAYSIAN??

It strikes me as being TOO coincidental.

So, question is what, why, whom, connected to/with Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines??

Don't know answer to my own question because I do NOT keep up with events in THAT particular region of the world.

This simply represents an educated, thumbnail, guess on MY part.
Must wait to see how it unfolds.

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