Thursday, April 18, 2013


...In a previous post, just below, I retrieved a FEW earlier entries, urging, suggesting, one follow embedded links backwards.
IN CASE you did NOT do so, I thought to HIGHLIGHT JUST A COUPLE OF SALIENT, CHOICE, POINTS from SOME of those earlier entries.

So, FOR EXAMPLE, BELOW, AN EXTRACT from a February, 2009 post, link at end, as follows:

"...following two articles below are simple, clear, to the point, which is why I chose them.
Unfortunately, the people at this website do NOT always get facts correct, but, when they do, they hit the nail on the head.
They also tend towards hyperbole, but, that's fine sometimes.
The banks receiving the bulk of taxpayers money is not quite endless.
They are/were the largest, their names well known by now.
Link following, EXCERPT:

"US headed for a thirty year depression because of wasted money by Bush, Obama – it’s a sinking Titanic in the first hour Jeff Cantor Feb. 8, 2009
The wasteful spending in the name of bailing out banks, and increased Government spending will haunt America for the next thirty years. The Titanic is sinking and life saving boats are being wasted.
Every penny Federal
Reserve wasted in rescuing Citi, AIG…(an endless list) will have to be paid with full interest by the next several generations. Every penny Paulson and Bush distributed to their friends in Wall Street will have to be paid by the American taxpayers. Every penny that Obama will spend through the Government ‘Pork’ will have to be paid back also. It is the Titanic during first 45 minutes..."



And, then, ALSO, from January, 2009.
This post MUST be read in its entirety, utilizing link.
I cannot abbreviate or extract from it:

See post/S below...

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