Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lest one NOT understand FOR WHOM, REASON, WHY, Egypt Mubarak bell tolls, PURPOSE OF ORCHESTRATED EGYPT MUBARAK COUP, one nicely reminded in a link below.

A former sweetheart MUBARAK/EMG/ISRAEL energy, gas, deal, INVESTMENT, became null and void, REPLACED by, with, those (and others NOT specifically stated) NAMED below, as per NAZI IMF/EU/US dictatorial MONOPOLY CARTEL instructions:


Now, here are a FEW previous posts I did on preceding subject matter.

Remember, I SPECULATED that ORCHESTRATED Egypt Mubarak Coup POSSIBLY DIRECT BLOW BACK, RETALIATION, consequence of, Israel SHESHINSKI COMMITTEE "AUDACIOUS," or, apropos vernacular, CHUTZPAH, "balls," energy tax recommendations, proposals, including even possible industry nationalization!!

Sheshinski MAY or MAY NOT be single reason, but, seems to ME, highly weighted, significant, critical, factor.

For sure, Mubarak controlled EMG NOW REPLACED by/with those and others named above and UNspecified others, background FINANCIAL INTERESTS, connections.

So, given a Hobson's "CHOICE" as that represented above might as well retain indigenous Egypt Mubarak crony crowd.
Instead, they INTERVENE, INTERFERE, replace INSIDE with OUTSIDE persons, puppets, and, create MORE chaos, havoc, mayhem, destabilization, death, Murder Inc., etc.

So, as promised, a few earlier posts I did, reminders:


Slight overlap, IF one follows backwards links:





An important interview, below, which I HIGHLIGHTED AND advised people to read and study carefully, reflecting MY MAIN hypothesis regarding RETALIATION, a direct cause and effect, between MUBARAK/EMG/ISRAEL sweetheart energy deal, its demise, subsequent Egypt COUP, and, SHESHSINKSI Committee.

Dare to challenge OUR ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE, authority, supremacy, and we break your kneecaps, make sure you PAY DEARLY for your wayward sins.
As well, a clear smoke SIGNAL given to OTHERS by these events.

FOLLOWING LINK/POST EMBEDDED ABOVE, but, I isolated it again, anyway.
So, it is redundant: 


AND, as Post Script to my entry, yesterday.

I urge all to read prognostications I enumerated just below (AND listen to embedded video link), which now follow predictable State Sponsored Terrorism, Homeland Insecurity, NAZI Security State HYPE, WARNINGS, PATTERNS, needed security apparatus, personnel, EXPENDITURES, etc.

According to our NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, unspecified Terror, fear, danger, lurks around every public space, corner, in every building, your next door neighbor, IN PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS, PROTESTS, ACTIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, EVENTS, etc.

Our LOCAL Sheriff Dept advises they IDENTIFY individuals, organizations, who MIGHT cause problems, even with SIGNS!!
Everything, everyone, everywhere, vulnerable.
We must protect, protect, protect, at all, any, every cost, even from our own disgruntled citizens!!
So...see/hear/read below...

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