Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"Energy explorers threaten Sheshinski with libel suit"

Eytan Sheshinksi was quoted as saying gas firms' actions were "a real Ponzi" and "Madoff would be proud."

14 December 10 11:58, Chen Ma'anit and Amiram Barkat

"...The Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Companies in Israel is threatening to sue Prof. Eytan Sheshinski for libel, unless he retracts comments allegedly made yesterday at a UBS investors conference in Tel Aviv..."


Related above and to ISRAEL'S contested energy/gas/oil WARS, a conference scheduled January 5, 2011 about continued, ongoing, disputed Israel energy, gas contracts.
Guess who is Israel's "advisor," or, final "arbiter" at this meeting and in all matters related I assume???
If you did NOT guess, you should by now.

"...Landau and Steinitz will probably attend the January 5 meeting,
along with Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer in his capacity as economic advisor to the government as set out in the new Bank of Israel Law..."


And, then, Citigroup Stanley Fischer's ubiquitous NAZI partner in crime, MORGAN STANLEY:

"Israel Corporation (TASE: ILCO) controlling shareholder Idan Ofer lent Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) 107,416 shares in the company, 1.2% of his holding in the company. Ofer reportedly received NIS 360 million ($100 million) in credit for the shares, and will use it for his private businesses. Morgan Stanley is distributing the shares among its clients...
....The deal comes after two days of Israel Corp. being a major focus of TASE investor attention, after its subsidiaries signed multibillion natural gas purchase deals with Egypt's East Mediterranean Gas Co. (EMG)..."


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