Sunday, December 5, 2010


A sort of "Public Service," I thought I would post a recent 3 hour C-Span interview, call in, TV program with author Salman Rushdie.
A necessary DISCLAIMER.
I am NOT a commercial or advocate for Rushdie, with whom I do NOT agree on certain POLITICAL issues/points, but, I do with other matters.
I merely thought it interesting applied to literature and subjects related.
I do not wish to do a critique, here, but, rather simply provide a neutral service for anyone interested who might not have C-Span access.
So, I will say ONLY de minimus when it comes to politics.
A few of Rushdie's political positions, which will be obvious below, explain to me how he can have a literary career.
Without these PERFUNCTORY, BASIC, COMPULSORY, political postures, he could not have a highly successful publishing and literary career and appear on C-Span.
Beyond that, I will add no more, except to say SOME people who telephoned with remarks or questions seem to me as much representative of real life literary, fictional, entertainment caricatures, personalities, as any Rushdie might himself create.
It is often difficult to decipher truth from fiction, or, where one ends, the other begins.
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall...":



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