Thursday, December 16, 2010


I reproduced the photo above from what I consider a good, CONCISE 3 PART historical presentation below beginning with post WWII Greek 1946 Civil (Liberation) War and continued to present day matters.

A footnote for those reading my posts for some time.

Greek COMMUNIST affiliated militant PAME labor union remains internationally associated with the COMMUNIST dominated WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) as WAS IRAQ'S FORMER NATIONAL UMBRELLA LABOR ORGANIZATION prior to DISSOLUTION IMMEDIATELY upon NAZI US/IRAN arrival and occupation, to be substituted with a compliant, collaborative ILO (International Labor Organization) affiliated Iraq labor union:


Also, for those wishing to pursue, study the subject matter more intensely, ONASSIS is a KEY individual involved in post WWII NAZI intrigue, money cartels, counterrevolution, here, there, etc.
This is a very, very brief THUMBNAIL Wiki background sketch for anyone totally unfamiliar with the Onassis murky name and tied in with Kennedy's assassination cabal:


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