Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I did a previous post on Iraq family traitor extraordinaire, father and son team, Hamid and Badr JAFAR, to which I will link below.

But, first, pouring salt on an open wound, I thought I would feature a presentation on "Social Entrepreneurship" by Iraq traitor extraordinaire son BADR displaying hypocrisy, audacity, chutzpah, "balls," moxie, par excellence, comparable to Hitler giving an address on a similar subject.

Really much better than impotent little CIA Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan White House slave boy Unser No Hope and Change Fuhrer mumbling inarticulate sweet nothings.
(By the way, for those perhaps not familiar with my previous posts, another member of Iraq JAFAR traitor family dynasty, octopus, empire is DHIA Jafar, by happy coincidence, DIRECTOR OF IRAQ'S SOUTH, Basra area, OIL COMPANY).
Anyway, here is Hamid's son, the apple does not fall far from the tree, BADR at another "prestigious" academy, AUS, American University of Sharjah at UAE/GCC, or, NAZI birds of a feather flock together, or, misery loves company:


For reference, here is my previous entry with 2 photos of Hamid and Badr JAFAR under "MOST WANTED" in Iraq and the greater MidEast.
(Scroll down the post to view their photos.)
Like I said, everyone should familiarize themselves and hang photos of their faces in their homes, plastered on public walls, spaces, under the heading, "MOST WANTED."
They need to HANG, along with their compatriot NAZI war criminals, untermenschen, human garbage, trash and genocidal maniacs, the "wretched refuse of your teeming shores":


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