Tuesday, December 28, 2010


An update, continuum f
rom my earlier post:



No sooner did Iraq's NEW Baghdad Oil Minister, Luaiby, formerly of Iraq South Oil Company, Dhia JAFAR, Director of South Oil Company, (Basra region), announce reaffirmation of KRG oil contracts with, for example, Norway's DNO, then, the following OBJECTION, threat, reappears from the mouth of NAZI IRAN SISTANI SON-IN-LAW and OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, now deposed, Oil Minister, SHAHRISTANI:



It's going to be fun, kids.

Watch as more fireworks explode, including INSIDE IRAN, happening for some time now, anyway, in preparation for THEIR internal coup, regime change and congruency scenario.

Is anyone foolish enough to believe propaganda about US, NATO, EU and GROWING mercenary, foreign and regional military forces, troops departing Iraq anytime soon??
If so, I guess, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole.

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