Monday, December 27, 2010


Following previous posts, the article below about Israel's PRIVATE energy, gas development mentions ALL NAZI characters, names, above and some new ones as well along with Sheshinski, about which I did previous posts.Excerpt first, link follows:

"...No deal will actually be signed until after the Sheshinksi committee releases its final recommendations on gas and oil and gas royalties and taxes....

....An Israeli source said, "They are very worried about the tax levels proposed by the committee. As far as they are concerned, if the government take remains unchanged, the feasibility of projects in Israel will be marginal..."




Scroll down my previous post, below, WHERE Yuli OFER AND NAZI MORGAN STANLEY INTIMATELY intertwine, connect, if not more so than any twosome or more sleeping together:


In case you know nothing about OFER family dynasty, here's a snapshot from which to begin your edifying education:


As for the NIMRODI family empire, another background post, Ofer NIMRODI being Yaakov NIMRODI'S son:


As for NOCHI DANKNER, I've done LOTS about the DANKNER family empire.
In case you are new to the subject matter, again, begin with my following post.
Scroll down to post SUBHEADING below, "Who Owns Israel":


By the way, want to take bets about what ultimately happens to/with Sheshinski and/or his Committee recommendations?

Let's watch and see.
A good case study.
Almost forgot.
One more irresistible, juicy tidbit.
When I heard one of our more famous, stable of opportunist hypocritical "liberal, opposition" sponsored FRONT persons and OBOOMA supporter, Micheal Moore, bailed Assange,
I almost split my sides laughing hysterically.
It won first prize for me for "joke of the day" comedic club!
One or more a day helps keep the doctor away.

But, then, Moore is a satirist and perhaps he satirizes himself in this act.
Once again, the Maginot Line separating fiction from reality becomes a blurred one, a reflexive, indistinguishable mirror image of one another.

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