Sunday, December 26, 2010


As an individual with limited resources it is impossible for me to follow in great DEPTH and detail, gathering together ALL various and sundry sources in the Middle East or the world in general to untangle and decipher WHO, WHICH CORPORATIONS and INDIVIDUALS, stand to WIN, GAIN, LOSE, PROFIT MOST economically through their many political and military machinations, posturing, gyrations, maneuvering.

So, I am well aware, for example, hoopla surrounding Assange's PREDETERMINED, ARRANGED, SELECTED Wikileaks favors SOMEONE.
But, PRECISELY who funds and benefits most is a question about which I ponder occasionally and can only cursorily pursue.
It has been noted by others than myself Assange's Wikileaks OMITS LOTS of IMPORTANT information, much, most that is in plain sight.
His leaks, altho voluminous, are nonetheless selective.

One POSSIBLE area, HYPOTHESIS, that interests me most involves Norway's DNO Kurdistan BATTLE, experiencing lots of twists and turns since its inception.
To give you an idea, IF you have NOT been following my EARLIER posts about the KRG's murky oil saga, one reference link, below, WITH A LIST OF PREVIOUS ARTICLES AND OTHER INVESTORS, like GALBRAITH, AT THE BOTTOM.
Many of you MAY remember my previous, original posts regarding Mr. 5% Gulbenkian of Canada's Heritage Oil fame PARTNERSHIP with the KRG and a murky, unspecified, mysterious "Eagle Group."

Heritage then sold to infamous, notorious, scum and sleazebag opportunist Britain's Tony Buckingham and Heritage subsequently ADVISED by MORGAN STANLEY CAZENOVE.

So, here's ONE background link for info.

Again, I focus on this particular thread of a giant, humongous, sordid saga because I BELIEVE Norway's DNO MAY be AMONGST or connected to/with Assange backers, interests.
The question ALWAYS being
who stands most to win, gain, lose, profit from the death or demise of another?
And, these folks appear definitely to me to be high visibility, at the forefront, center, an interested participant and target in Iraq's regional and central Baghdad power struggle outcome:


Now that Iran Sistani son-in-law, SHAHRISTANI, previous Baghdad Oil Minister, was replaced by Abdul Luaiby, formerly contested, disputed, DNO-KRG contracts were reaffirmed IMMEDIATELY.
It goes without saying, Iraq traitor extraordinaire KINGPIN JAFAR family dynasty, octopus, empire cited below additionally:



Meanwhile, back at another, but, very much integral, related domestic and international front.
I thought I would remind everyone about rabidly anti-Communist JBANC (Joint Baltic American National Committee) existence, activities and role.
They have an upcoming conference, which you will see on their website.
The reason I emphasize our US CONGRESSIONAL BALTIC CAUCUS-JBANC partnership is, apart from obvious political and economic reasons, many of its members, like, for example, Ohio Democratic House Representative Dennis KUCINICH, former BALTIC CAUCUS CO-CHAIR, FOUNDING MEMBER, AND, California's House Democratic Representative Maxine WATERS are touted here the epitome of virtue, PROGRESSIVISM and PEACE!!
The blatant, ongoing, chutzpah of cynical hypocrisy, no hope, absolute power and OPEN SECRETS is AUDACIOUS and overwhelming:


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