Saturday, December 25, 2010


I will link to something BELOW which expresses fairly well what and/or how I
FEEL in terms of CONTRAST and Xmas.
First, a brief explanation.
I always detested RITUALISTIC holidays and events of all kinds.
Does not matter which or what ritual it be.
By nature, definition, collective RITUAL most often is a mindless and oppressive exercise to me.
Nothing spontaneous about it.
The opposite.
Theoretically, here, supposedly, we do NOT live in a Christian nation and separation of Church and State exists in our most glorified, vaulted Constitution.
In reality, of course, the opposite exists.
Xmas is stinking oppressive, commercialized, "family" oriented and ALMOST EVERYTHING shuts down, "normal," everyday life grinds to a halt while our CHRISTIAN religious celebrations and schedule dominates everyone and everything, whether or not one likes or agrees with it/them.
Christian culture, song, entertainment, etc., on TV, radio, stores and so on.
FOR ME, personally, something always manage to go terribly wrong over "holidays," emergencies of all sorts and kinds occur, nothing can be done or fixed about it/them until the fucking, damned holidays are OVER, FINISHED, since it/they now extend into New Year's as well.
An entire week or ten days of celebration before "normality," that is, everyday life resumes.
An artificially contrived IMPOSITION on EVERYONE for NO real, good purpose whatsoever.
Since Jesus supposedly suffered for YOUR sins, not mine, I suppose such suffering imposed upon me by Christian hands will help redeem my Soul.
In addition to personal annoyance and imposition, comes political and economic contrast, juxtaposition.
I am FORCED to hear altruistic Xmas philosophy, jargon, and feel good mythological theology superimposed onto a REAL world here and abroad which is its very antithesis.
Hypocrisy, propaganda, brainwashing routinely occur and are mind boggling.
But, overlapping an additional layer of inescapable, RITUALISTIC Christian holidays, inconvenience, onto my life, personally, simply becomes insufferable and unbearable.
Instead of feel good, it induces in me nothing but rage, depression, anger, frustration, indignation and impotence.

Indeed, Christianity predicated upon suffering lives up to its name.
I can only hibernate and wait until the hypocritical piranha feeding frenzy exhausts itself.
People get very distressed when saying something to me about Xmas, whatever it may be, and I respond negatively!
Often times, I don't bother responding at all.
It is not worth it, since this nation is one of sheep, suckers, assholes, idiots anyway.
So, all do your rituals, freeze to death, get stuck in blizzards, weather, storms, whatever.
Shop until you drop and hopefully all will drop soon, possibly while shopping and/or traveling.
And, below, MY Xmas message TO ALL.
You can add and extrapolate onto if you wish:


Merry Xmas from the Grinch Who Stole Xmas!

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