Wednesday, April 3, 2013


...ONE COMMENT which I reproduce IN FULL beneath following link says it in a nutshell.
I agree totally, wholeheartedly.
As everywhere else, including MENASA.
Then, see an earlier, also abbreviated, post from today, just below, regarding Egypt.
SO, COMMENT FIRST, link second:

  1. Ephilant says:
    "After reading thorugh the 24 pages of the new draft MoU for Cyprus, which is aptly labeled as
    Contains sensitive information, not for further distribution
    it is very clear why. this MoU understands one thing, and one thing only. The cypriot people will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to govern themselves and chart their own future. Everything, and I mean everything relating to the running of the country and society in general is removed from the power of the Cypriot Parliament and elected government. There is not even a pretence of democracy left, this is pure “dictat”, and the indeed obvious goal are the natural resources. The EU is behaving like a conquering army, and engaging in scortched earth politics. by the time they are finished with the place, Cyprus will be well and truely finished, in every sense of the word."


And, see entry below...

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