Saturday, April 6, 2013


For those who KNOW at least a wee bit of history, which is precious few, HERE, AND, quite a large number of CAREER opportunists, apologists, revisionists, with INTENTIONAL, self-induced, self-serving, lucrative, disease, malady, of historical amnesia, an obvious, totally recognizable, pattern unfolds BELOW from a template adjusted to current circumstances.
NO need to say, add, anything more.
It speaks for itself.
I WILL, however, add, we, too, in US have a domestic NAZI Dictatorship.
And so, for those who happen to notice or follow such events, a large spate of suspicious killings, assassinations, murders, threat, intimidation, occurred/occurring in broad daylight against OUR judges, district attorneys, public defenders.
One might suspect some SIMILAR patterns in the making HERE.
Meanwhile, one caveat I must add to that below.
I can NOT, of course, understand a single word in an embedded Arabic video link.
So, I have NO idea actually what he does or does not SAY.
A final, but, related tangential cultural note about Mr. Arkadin follows afterward:\

NOW, I digress slightly to a 1955 ORSON WELLES CLASSIC FILM named "MR. ARKADIN."
I JUST happened to see it by chance only a few, 50 plus, years later.
Better late than never.
I was totally unfamiliar with it previously.
So, it came as a very pleasant surprise to me, a fabulous film, a real post WWII FILM NOIR gem, period piece.
I highly recommend it, IF you manage to find it available somewhere, somehow, on line.
I only found a few clips on youtube.
But, perhaps, you will be more lucky than I if you persevere in your searches.
IF you DO see, or, have seen, it you will understand quite easily HOW it relates to my thematic material above and other posts.
If you want to find out more about it, simply do a FEW searches on your own.
Lots of online material available.
Thematic WWII FILM NOIR messages, characterizations, depictions, do NOT change, unfortunately.
As applicable, and, perhaps, more so, now as then. 
FOR ME, personally, FILM NOIR techniques always conjure up first and foremost Fassbinder whom I love.
These films NEVER die, go extinct, out of fashion, etc., unlike glitzy, glamorous, big budget, capital expenditures, formulaic, commercialized commodities, advertised, promoted, HOLLYWOOD crap, intellectual sawdust, NO nutrition, artistic junk food, which becomes dated, stale, toxic, before it/they even appear on a screen.

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