Sunday, November 18, 2012


Since Gaza much in the news AGAIN, I thought to share ONE 2007-9 background post I did with some previous CONNECTIONS, associations, reminders, as indicated in heading above.
Not exhaustive, but, IF you follow ALL embedded links backwards, it helps.
IF you want to read more, just search MY blog and/or elsewhere with a few pertinent words, names, associations, as those enumerated below.
Sorry for UNprofessional looking formatting, irregularities, difficulties, in previous posts, links.
I simply cannot return to ALL, many thousands, to update and make them appear perfect, uniform and visually correct, consistent.
Formatting for ME an amateur job, learning as I go and just do the best I can to make content as legible as possible and easy to read:

And, then, for some updated notes, thoughts...see yesterday's post...just below.

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