Saturday, November 3, 2012


Above/below name of a SUPERB documentary I saw YEARS back, more or less, when it first appeared, and, happened upon again the other day, jarring my memory. 

So, I thought to highlight it because it is VERY appropriate for now, as well, IF you manage to see it in its ENTIRETY.
Unfortunately, I did NOT find a complete online version of this documentary, just synopsis and trailer, links below.

But, hopefully, you can view it SOMEWHERE, somehow, online, or, otherwise.

A TRUE story of BOTH ROMANTIC and adopted nation LOVE and POLITICS combined together, telling a unique story, but, one VERY MUCH IMPLICATED, instructive, fraught, tactically, strategically, to current events as usual.

So, synopsis first, then, youtube trailer below:

Then, one more slightly different version:

Here's a trailer:

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