Tuesday, January 20, 2015


"The head of the Parliament Finance Committee talks about priorities for cutting costs while being able to pay for defense, refugees and IOCs..."



Another NAZI/FASCIST in an extended stable of current GLOBAL RECIDIVIST NAZI WAR CRIMINALS occupying S-ELECTED PUPPET governments featured MOST EVERYWHERE in a theatre near you!!

Remember infamous, and, it seems, now conveniently forgotten, along with Halliburton, et.al., CHALABI, featured in photo above, along with NAZI MANUFACTURED ARYAN IRAN NOW OCCUPYING, ANNEXING, IRAQ, and, of course, their equal partner in crime, Mafioso KRG thugs.

Above named NOT to be diminished by a crowd of unsavory NAZI characters HERE, abroad, in Eurasia, and, of course, not overlooked or forgotten, Russian LILLI-PUTI[A]N OLIGARCH COMMANDER-IN-THIEF.

It's an epic cast of SLEAZE, TAWDRY, SCUMBAG, characters, the rest of YOU being merely expendable bit players strutting your stuff on a global stage of PERSONAL greed, acquisition, aggrandizement, "primitive" capital accumulation, WHICH YOU ENABLE, finance, and, MAKE POSSIBLE IN EVERY WAY imaginable from tax to death to useless "infrastructure" and military expenditures, debt, trickle-down-stimulus, quantitative easing, corporate subsidies, abatements, foreign aid, "Homeland (In)Defense," redundant IT hardware, systems, (In)Security, and on and on.

A vast, endless, wish list of a PRIVATE CORPORATE CAPITAL WELFARE system, state.

Nothing named above adds any USE VALUE whatsoever, but, instead, rapes and exploits OUR collective environment, people, WORKING CLASS, because, COLLECTIVELY, WE OWN, and, thus CONTROL and/or ALLOCATE NOTHING--no industry, services, natural resources, raw materials, energy, labor, media, even our own money supply!!

It truly boggles ones mind how incredibly stupid and profoundly dumb Dis-United SUCKERS and Assholes can be!!

But, being stupid is our God given, Constitutionally guaranteed, RIGHT!!

Of course, I know reasons why a vast political vacuum exists--BECAUSE--MISSING IN ACTION--NO PRINCIPLED CLASS LEADERSHIP and/or OPPOSITION from a titular US umbrella labor federation, AFL-CIA/SEIU, due to THEIR OWN COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIP, pension and health care investments, with those above.

So, IF you want to demonstrate GO TO THEIR OFFICES to do so!!


Their latest CRUEL JOKE, answer, being a minimum wage increase of a few dollars and a bit more taxes on a few wealthy folks, which, IN NO WAY THREATENS OUR/THEIR ECONOMIC SYSTEM and ENTITLEMENTS, and to whom, of course, EVERYTHING is owned and owed, so, they can simply pass on any added expenses to a CAPTIVE "customer/consumer" nation, and/or, get a bit more TAXPAYERS subsidies, and/or, wind up diminishing those few remaining, existing, government "welfare" programs for "poor," indigent, working class individuals, thus actually helping PRIVATE CAPITAL allocate more tax for themselves!!

Take with one hand, give back with the other.
A circular system, a clever pickpocket arrangement.

But, that's the name of OUR ILLUSORY bag of tricks played in a deceptive, inverted, Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly, NAZI/FASCIST GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP.


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