Friday, January 16, 2015


A minor retrospective concerning recent Cuban events.

I recall a report about Cuba regarding a strange relationship between Cuba's Commandante Frias and Wally Hilliard from January, 2005, as reported below.

Incriminating PHOTO of Frias and Hilliard shaking hands, to which Hopsicker refers in link below, appears, however, to be amongst numerous MISSING clues, along with multiple other missing links from internet sources!

CENSORED, sanitized, perhaps??


I can and do NOT vouch for the veracity of EVERY assertion and piece of information included, or, excluded, below, but, I, myself, DID see the photo to which he refers earlier before it subsequently seems to have performed a magical disappearing act.

Comments at the bottom regarding Ukraine, for example, to ME seem superfluous and patently ridiculous unless Hopsicker is/was being facetious.

But, reported info about Hilliard and Frias, along with INEXPLICABLY MISSING PHOTO documentation, MUST be considered.

Additionally, CPUSA represents nothing NOW but another COVERT arm, FRONT, cover operation, LONG AGO infiltrated, purged, penetrated, controlled and compromised.

CPUSA NO longer represents a PRINCIPLED independent, opposition Party/organization of any kind whatsoever.

That's long gone, dead, a thing of the past!


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