Wednesday, January 28, 2015


With all due fanfare about Greek elections, issue boils down to the following:

"To pay, or, not, to recognize, honor, EURO debt obligations, that is the question."

So between current and ANY former Greek government, debt obligations, payment/repayment, is and will continue being front and center, THE issue on a GLOBAL economic table.

NOT ONE NAZI OCCUPIED GLOBAL REGIME WILL PERMIT, recognize, honor, allow, GREEK OR ANY OTHER DEBT REPUDIATION, since it threatens THEIR entire illegitimate, criminal, HOUSE OF CARDS.

So, for any Greek government to enforce a PRINCIPLED PROGRAM of debt repudiation, Greece MUST threaten to and EXIT existing EUROZONE currency manipulation, strangulation, entanglement, imprisonment, extortion, blackmail, bondage, which, of course, being Euro purpose in the first place.

Greece's Tsipras, Syriza, and their entourage make empty noises, gestures, but, in the end, they can and will NOT enforce that which MUST be done with only a MILITANT organization and a population behind them, as well as a WORLD that SHOULD SUPPORT them/it in EURO currency EXIT, debt obligation, dissolution, repudiation, and, concomitant MAINTENANCE, EXPANSION, of GREEK STATE ASSETS.

Confrontation being inevitable, no matter what happens, deepening and furthering Europe destabilization.

I predict Syriza's governing coalition either to accept, deliver, an UNPRINCIPLED compromise, bargain, for appearance sake of a slightly better deal, for them to survive, or, dissolve, evaporate, melt away, completely and existing GLOBAL collaborators will do NOTHING but let Greece go down the drain as they do HERE and elsewhere, including, and, most certainly, the MIDEAST:

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