Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I have, too often, claimed United Suckers and Assholes as a nation are BEST described by preceding name, led by their NAZI AFL-CIA/SEIU COLLABORATORS.

Following, below, for those too dense to comprehend it being another sleuth MEDICAL NIGHTMARE proposal added onto an already dysfunctional TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED OBOOMA PRIVATE HEALTH CARE system.

But, I assure you, people here are way too dense, stupid, brainwashed, propagandized, threatened, intimidated, demoralized, overwhelmed, distracted, intentionally led astray, even to understand or know WHAT it means, portends, signifies.

Medicare, of course, a name, acronym, being our ONE AND ONLY semblance for a NATIONAL TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED, but only, SENIOR CITIZEN, MEDICAL INSURANCE system, and, by no means, still, NOT thorough or comprehensive.

But, better than zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

Below MEDICARE proposal being certifiably LUNATIC, adding on to an already BYZANTINE MEDICAL LABYRINTH, a dysfunctional, Kafkaesque, rat maze of COMPETING PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE systems, exigencies, bureaucracies, etc.

Below Medicare reform proposal being akin to suggesting educators receive payment according to student outcome, success.

This, MOST SURELY, will help to further destroy, degrade, denigrate, restrict, our Medicare system, rather than expand and advance it, just like OBOOMA DOES-NOT-CARE, for profit but taxpayer subsidized, PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE SYSTEM, one our AFL-CIA/SEIU enthusiastically SUPPORT!

Precisely THAT being an UNSTATED goal, purpose, as
a MEDICARE stealth bomb and a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, modus operandi, HERE:



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