Thursday, January 21, 2010


First, I suggest everyone do some background reading on the above subject.
As usual, it helps explain the NOT so sudden interests in Nigeria and surrounding African environs.
Here's alittle tidbit, snippet to help you get started:

Next, I agree with the following editorial below, namely, "Dump the Dems," EXCEPT for one UNmentioned, UNnoted, most important fact, to which I will return following the editorial below.
Of course, you may all recall, if you have been reading my posts for some time, I PROMISED at Obooma's inauguration, that is, funeral, the NAZI Obooma Democratic Party CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN Dictatorship was D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival).
And, so it is:

HOWEVER, continuously UNmentioned, UNnamed, AS WELL, is the nasty, obstructive, collaborative, cooperative role of our institutionalized Fascist led AFL-CIA and SEIU labor front organizations both domestically and internationally.
THEIR institutional resources and organizational tools, collected from working class dues, are/were THE MOST formidable and responsible for hindering, subverting any and all attempts to form a single, unified, united, broad based, PRINCIPLED CLASS opposition domestically and abroad.
THEY, for example, are/were the ones here using their extensive financial resources MOST ACTIVELY to divide, conquer, divert, lobby and organize a BOGUS, RED HERRING public option medical alternative AWAY from a demand for ONE national Single-Payer medical insurance for all.
Our current labor unions are an arm piece, extension, of the Democratic Party for whom they actively campaign and economically contribute, not to mention, as well, as I have repeated ad nauseam, organized labor's private corporate pension fund investments.
AND, as well, as I have indicated, they operate similarly abroad.
NOW, for example, they are in NAZI Iran as well as having cloned themselves in Iraq's counter-revolutionary puppet government.
Should you doubt my previous assertions about an OBVIOUS two track covert and overt destabilization coup agenda for Iran's PRESENT Sistani/Ahmadimoron/Shahristani regime, here it is, below.
Having first, upon occupation, dissolved Iraq's former umbrella and Communist WFTU affiliated labor organization, Iraq's present Oil unions are now fragmented and allied, instead, with the anti-Communist ILO and AFL-CIA.
Our CIA anointed labor unions exist in both places, and, of course, here, to insure, like a controlled demolition, NO PRINCIPLED class resistance, militant labor unity, action and/or organization for NATIONALIZATION or re-nationalization of industry and/or natural resources exists.
Wherever and with whomever they work abroad, they receive official covert support and funding TO CONTROL and MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME of manufactured, covert change, revolution, insurrection, coup, through their labor recruits, conduits, organizations and INSURE NO radical change, nationalization and that the ANOINTED candidate, whomever designated, comes into office.
Notice clearly, for example, HOW the following is presented about NAZI Iran by our covert AFL-CIA, ILO operatives, US Labor Against War, what or which information, historical facts are missing, contorted, omitted, distorted.
And, of course, NOTHING said about Iran IN Iraq nor the very same Iraq unions screaming against Baathists:

So, at this juncture in the puppet, reactionary Iraq/Iran/KRG/Middle East conundrum, it appears quite likely and possible to me that NO Iraq provincial elections will occur and FURTHER military escalation inevitable.
Iraq's present Fascist occupation government null and void, not that it isn't already, if NO election occurs, or, one deemed "undemocratic."
That has international implications.
Alongside Iran/Iraq, signs of coordinated change also occurring in Turkey.
I am NOT sure IF Turkey's present NAZI AKP government is being delegitimized, destabilized, since they are allied with NAZI Iran's Sistani/Ahmadimoron.
There have been some curious reports congruent with the above events that make me ponder this possibility.

So, international alliances, sides, are lining up.
Only needed now is one spark, a provocation of some kind, more, that is, than that already occurring both in Iran and Iraq, bombs, protests, assassinations, murder, to bring WAR OUT into the open and into the Straits of Hormuz and the contested waterways surrounding the African/Middle East Gulf region.
Pandora's Box of competing, conflicting, intensifying, barbaric, evil, insidious Great Power imperialist rivalries, and, some lesser, opportunistic, upstarts, as well, are back open for business, quite literally, front and center.
Welcome BACK WWI or, depending whether or not one counts the Cold War, WWIII or WWIV.

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