Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Next door to Yemen, in case you happen to be geographically challenged, exists Oman AND OMAN'S PRIVATIZATION:

I listed links on previous posts about the numerous, imperialist, competing, conflicting economic interests NOW represented in Yemen's NEW, OPEN FOR BUSINESS GOVERNMENT POLICY, from Hamid Jafar's octopus, empire, Dana Gas, to Exxon, Hunt, France's premiere industrial, business association, MEDEF, Palestinian billionaire Masri, British royalty, IRAN, and a long laundry list of commercial interests.
BUT, OBVIOUSLY, BOTH Yemen and Oman are located strategically around contested areas of the MENA region, adjacent to Saudi Arabia and critical shipping lanes and waterways of Iraq/Iran.

So, some prearranged TERRORISM necessary to justify a further and increased military presence and WAR.
Quiet frankly, I do NOT know who, if any, people, here, BELIEVE the lame garbage and junk and excuses and explanations on the mass media.
I have no idea to whom is the mass media speaking.

Seems to me like themselves. An echo chamber.
And, then, of course, in addition to imperialist rivalries, exists internal opposition and resistance to PRIVATIZATION.

That ALSO necessitates ever greater militarization and internal repression, annihilation, as well.
Likewise, our many pseudo-religious, Fundamentalist, criminal gangster and drug militias WE set up regionally to help thwart COMMUNISM and the SOVIET UNION.

THEY must now be eliminated, too.
President Clinton #1, Bill, was NOT prepared to launch a direct, frontal military assault and occupation into Afghanistan to remove the covert scumbags WE CREATED in the first place, Osama and friends and his Taliban army, our then Freedom Fighters against Communism.
As you may recall, IF you have been reading my blog for awhile, I HYPOTHESIZED the ONLY plausible reason, explanation, I could find WHY it was necessary to remove our own Frankenstein Monster, Osama and his Taliban militias, were his/their INDEPENDENT negotiations with a competing Argentinian firm, Bridas, AND the HIGH PRICE OSAMA demanded AND CONTROL of the proposed TAP (Turkmen-Afghan-Pakistan) gas pipeline.
So, he/they all had to go. And, still do.

Following along the above theme and my previous posts about the necessity for a DIFFERENT, but, still, PRIVATIZING puppet government in Iraq, an Arab Baath, minus SOCIALIST, Party, Allawi, MECATAC, former Iraq Parliamentary Speaker, Mashhadani...

[ ]

...and his/their circles, friends, with alittle help from our scumbag labor unions, of course, comes the following report.
NOT unexpected IF you have been following my posts all along. Predictable.
Bye, bye Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister, Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani AND Ahmadimoron.
Iraq's upcoming, provincial, so-called election ought to borrow a slogan from the US, namely:
"Change We Can Believe In!":\2010-01-05\kurd.htm


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