Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It is bad enough, everyday, I hear and see the sickening Huthala (scumbag), CIA, covert NAZI left operatives, apologists, here, in the world's greatest United Suckers and Asshole nation.
Now, figuratively speaking, first thing, I open my eyes to a Turkish newspaper a few thousand miles away, and, lo and behold, front and center, featured prominently, a photo of one of OUR premiere PINK ELEPHANTS spouting their/her usual, propaganda garbage.
I know precisely why Naomi Klein suddenly features prominently in Turkey.
Klein is part of an overall orchestrated, coordinated, covert operation, campaign, designed to infiltrate, influence, compromise, control and coopt Turkey's militant opposition AND Erdogan's support for, alliance with, NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron, and, a diversion, as well, like HERE, about which I have written previously.
Our anti-Communist, anti-Soviet led AFL-CIA international covert labor front, as well as their cloned unions in Iraq and Iran, are HEAVILY involved in this project, as well.
As they are here.
The worse part about the utter, abysmal, obscene HYPOCRISY represented by Klein and her subject matter, below, it occurs the very SAME DAY ANOTHER prominent Baath Arab SOCIALIST is LYNCHED by the barbaric NAZI MOB representing Iran and ALL NAZI loyalists, everywhere!
(Links follow below).
And, of course, our bogus, CIA Left says NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, about this barbaric, OBSCENE hanging and total, unmitigated propaganda, whitewash, revisionist history.
So, I have a suggestion, lynch KLEIN AND her friends AND the NAZIS who hire them all, including those in our present government AND their corporate NAZI paymasters throughout the world.
And, then, while at it, take some photos and make obscene gestures and noises at her/them.
I am DEADLY serious about this proposition, since, as you can see, this is a DEADLY SERIOUS game.
People MUST be held accountable and take responsibility for their KNOWING and willful actions, deeds, collaboration and the repercussions that follow from it/them:


AND, then, the following PROPAGANDA report:


I will end this abbreviated sickening, nauseating post, reflection, commentary, opinion piece, with a reminder from a previous entry I did from January 2008, even more, or, just as, true now as then.
From a NAZI frying pan into a NAZI fire and holocaust:


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