Friday, January 22, 2010


As an anecdote, I happened to notice the experience to which Helmer refers, below, since I, myself, tried linking to his website the other day and could not find it on the net.
At first, I thought it was my computer or internet connection.
Then, as a humorous aside, I came up with a haberdasher's website of similar name.
I pondered that awhile.
I could BROADLY say there is and has been an "information attack" since the end of WWII and well before.
The subject matter Helmer covers, however, the WORLD'S GREATEST COUNTER-REVOLUTION and WHOLESALE SELL OFF and SELLOUT of the former Soviet Union, as far as our global, covert, collaborative, ersatz ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET LEFT is concerned, does NOT exist.
They do NOT recognize it as such.
Nor, of course, congruently, a global NAZI resurgence, extension and continuum since WWII in the US and outwards, elsewhere.
Amazing to ME, SOME people HERE, at least, are BEGINNING to note historical parallels with NAZI Germany, especially our latest kangaroo court decision for unlimited financial political campaign contributions.
A counter-revolutionary NAZI Dictatorship requires absolute control of State machinery, civil society, courts, political parties, unions, military, bogus opposition, etc.
Under such conditions, NO PRINCIPLED class opposition exists.
So, first, Helmer's Information Attack:

And, then, alittle something more from Helmer about the revolting and nauseating state of affairs in what was former Soviet Russia and now become the world's GREATEST counter-revolution that NOBODY above or below can manage to find.
Certainly NOT our ersatz, fake, collaborative, manufactured, compromised Left Opposition:

And, speaking of the above, as I indicated in previous posts, below, a manufactured coup, regime change in the works both for Iraq and Iran, AND, I THINK, Turkey, as well, since Turkey's AKP is allied with NAZI Iran's Sistani/Ahmadimoron/Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani.
The equally anti-Communist, manufactured NAZI religious Islamic Fundamentalists have become a liability for ALL concerned.
So, coordinated with Iran/Iraq, ONE of Turkey's many militant labor actions, opportunistically, has been seized upon and become a cause celebre by the same fake Left, above, who simply could not BEFORE find Turkey's militant Opposition to privatization, their Fascist AKP, Akbank, Citigroup, the IMF, let alone Russia or Iraq's privatization.
And, Ramsey Clark's bogus, covert International Anti-Imperialist organization has already made overtures to Syria's Baath Party, thus, obviously, abandoning their former position and love affair with NAZI, anti-Communist, Islamic Iran, Nassrallah, etc.
So, a CONTROLLED, coordinated, synchronized, covert political demolition operation occurring:

It's important to have eyes wide open in a political crowd to recognize and distinguish WHO are your friends and who are your covert, opportunistic supporters/enemies sent to co-opt, control and compromise you.
Below is another nice EXAMPLE of what I mean, above.
A good propaganda excerpt from an action e-mail I just received, amongst hundreds of others similar to it, from our collaborative, CIA led, US LABOR AGAINST WAR, covert operation, which, elsewhere in the text (link follows) proudly mentions their anti-Communist, CIA, ILO affiliation as well.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...While purging Ba'athists, the Maliki goverment continues to impose the oppressive practices of the Hussein regime, depriving public sector and enterprise employees of the right to organize, bargain and strike..."


You deserve the imperialist wars you get.
The more the better. You earned it over the millions of multilated corpses and dead bodies who fought against the people who now employ you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor from now until eternity or you die, whichever comes first.

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