Sunday, January 24, 2010


First, I thought I would begin today's entry with alittle satire, always nice.
A few caricatures and cartoons about Obooma Nation, or, Unser PR NAZI Fuhrer puppet:

Meanwhile, the latest investment news update from our Huthala Iraqi, Hamid Jafar, and his infamous UAE based, private empire, octopus, network of overlapping, interconnected Boards, investors, companies, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil and ABRAAJ IN Pakistan:

Of course, more horrific news ALWAYS coming out of NAZI occupied Iraq to add to all other man made disasters, created for the profitability of ALL concerned above and OUR Huthala NAZI, anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, CIA led, cooperative, covert, union collaborators and manufactured opposition both here and abroad:\2010-01-23\kurd.htm

Back in the homeland, the epicenter of NAZI occupied US, you can dismiss ALL populist rhetoric and rants you MAY hear coming out of all sides of the mouth of Unser NAZI Democratic Fuhrer Obooma as "sound and fury signifying nothing."
Obooma, after all, is THEIR petty thug, Chicago prepped, NAZI, CIA hired help and slave boy.
Not vica-versa.
Empty posturing, noises, gestures.
Like everything else at the moment.
Our entire NAZI state apparatus, in a totally obscene gesture, just mobilized itself for Haitian "humanitarian" relief, charity, donations, hypocritically, while their own citizens lie homeless, sick, dying, impoverished, malnourished, drugged, exploited, right outside their doorsteps.
The parasitic NAZI State mobilizes NOTHING for OUR useless eaters, Untermenschen, redundant labor force, the PROPERTY-LESS AND LESS PROPERTIED and, correspondingly, power-less and less represented.
Of course, this BIG BUSINESS ORCHESTRATED Haiti humanitarian relief project, for that is, exactly, what it is, represents nothing but a lucrative, cynical ploy for more private investment overseas, AND, equally, a diversion and PR con job HERE.
More Roman bread, entertainment, circuses and propaganda for the masses.
We are OVERWHELMED, swimming, in a vast ocean of propaganda as to HOW, WHAT, WHICH information is selected, represented, interpreted, spun by our NAZI Dictatorship media AND their corresponding, collaborative fake Opposition and reality.
This discord and disconnect between reality and reflection, reporting, is palpable.
Furthermore, I assure everyone, we are all being prepped by the NAZI propaganda machine and State for the next, or, MORE WAR and "intervention" abroad under HUMANITARIAN auspices.
The area to which I most refer is, of course, the Middle East and Africa, the epicenter of our next "emerging," counter-revolutionary, private market, capital expansion and speculative bubble.
I hear the faulty Aristotelian reasoning and logic mounting daily.
A lethal combination of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, willing denial, apathy, disgust, despair, AND, most important, the political vacuum represented by our cooperative, collaborative, obstructionist, opportunist, mafia led CLASS representatives and their institutional resources and straight jacket, the AFL-CIA and SEIU, who offer no resistance, no alternative, no exit, no way out to our current dilemma, but, instead, more of the same, digging us all deeper and deeper into an existential hole, quagmire, imprisonment and a point of no return.
And, so, together, hand in hand, along with Iraq/Iran, we spiral downwards in a macabre death dance towards the inevitable resolutions and conclusions of further military confrontation necessitated by economic and political contradictions for market share, dominance and private profitability.
By the way, in case you are puzzled about the unexpected interjection of my one Arabic word, Huthala, in today's post, no, I did NOT suddenly and magically learn another language.
Below is from whence I emulated my singular, expressive Arabic vocabulary for today.
It's a good word. I liked it, so, I borrowed it.
I thought it a nice embellishment to everyday English.
Perhaps, a trend:

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