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The denouement regarding Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani's Shahristani, the KRG and Iraq's on and off again provincial election draws nigh, obviously.
Iraq/Iran's present stalemate cannot continue as is indefinitely.
Little time remains.

As I have indicated, previously, I do NOT believe NAZI Iran's present Sistani/Shahristani/Ahmadimoron Dictatorship either will step down of their own accord or be overthrown through covert, domestic activities, of which OUR bogus AFL-CIA, ILO and US Labor Against (FOR) War front grouping is involved, as they are and were elsewhere, which they so proudly announce, themselves.

So, military escalation appears to me an inevitable one, having begun already anyway.
It is merely a quantitative to qualitative leap.
So far, it has been skirmishes.
But, that can change on a dime.
And, then, a coup.
Multiple coups, really.
Iraq, Iran and perhaps elsewhere, as well.

Elsewhere, as well, our post WWII NAZI privatization, counter-revolutionary, DE-nationalization saga rolls on with economic catastrophe, collapse, doom imminent most everywhere on the globe.

The former Soviet Union, which our current ersatz, Fascist Left PROUDLY helped overturn, CONTINUES their counter-revolutionary, covert operative role.
Russia's present sickening, nauseating government and their criminal, Fascist oligarchs and aluminum company, Rusal, now represented by a British PR firm called Schillings, recently made an attempt on Helmer's life.

Curiously, Schillings intersects with Iceland's Kaupthing Bank, to which I will link and refer, below.
Of course, Iceland, itself, currently, is immersed in a major blackmail, theft, debt, plunder scandal.
And, a PRIVATE aluminum corporation, like Russia's Rusal, also, is part of our modern day Norseman Iceland Icesave/Kaupthing robbery saga.
This time, however, the tables are turned historically in terms of who raided whom.
First, Helmer's update:

And, then, an excerpt about Schillings regarding their clients from another Helmer link.

MY emphasis in BOLD :

"...Schillings is a law firm specializing in the British law covering the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The corporations the firm identifies as its clients are EasyGroup, Ryman the stationer, steelmaker Arcelor Mittal, Icelandic bank Kaupthing, Grant Thornton, GlaxoSmithKline, Northern Rock bank, The Law Society of England and Wales, and Collins Stewart, an investment bank. The Russian businessmen identified as clients by Schillings on its website are Alisher Usmanov and Gennady Timchenko..."


In turn, British Iranian Tchenguiz brothers and their real estate company, Rotch, received money from Iceland's now defunct, bankrupt, plundered, Kaupthing Bank.
Now, I did a few previous posts about all this.
BUT, in one, from 2005, I used a couple of links regarding Daniel Pearl's untimely and mysterious murder AND his previous reports for the WSJ (Wall St. Journal) about UAE military offsets and some mysterious firms connected to/with these unusual offsets and their connections to/with Rotch.

Somebody does NOT want this information readily and publicly available on the internet.
Thus, I did a few internet searches to see IF I could at least find Pearl's article IN FULL.
I did NOT come up with it.
HOWEVER, I did find an ABBREVIATED form of Pearl's article, which does NOT name the murky companies and relationships, specifically, to which I refer in his article and other links.
Here's the best I came up with, so far:

April 20, 2000


Some Aid Packages Have Little to Do With the Purchaser

By Daniel Pearl, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Could the sale of U.S. weapons in the Persian Gulf help an oil concern unload gasoline stations in Europe? Yes, under the new logic of international arms deals...So far, investment boutiques have had more luck than big investment banks in breaking into the fragmented offset trade. U.K.-based Chescor Capital Corp. recently launched a $20 million 10-year closed-end investment fund, prmising small defense contractors "better than risk-free" returns and UAE offset credits. Devcorp International, a Bahrain company, is managing a $25 million offset equity fund in Saudi Arabia and expects to double that soon...Defense industry experts say that the investment, in the UAE, is less than the cash penalty defense contractors would have to pay if they did no offsets. "Everybody's confused," says one industry consultant. "They think it's great, but they don't understand why they're getting such a good deal."

Below is a relatively current post I did, April, 2009, which, in turn, if you follow the trail BACKWARDS, links to my 2005 post and names Summit and Hafeet Trading in Pearl's article to which I am referring and you will see what I mean:

I cannot speak for everyone else, but, I can assure you that I and a few others I know cannot stomach seeing or hearing ANY of the persons or so called authorities currently featured in our government, media, think tanks, academia, the subject matter and obvious lies and propaganda techniques, etc.
We are awash in a sea, a cacophony of NAZI faces, voices and subject matter.

It is stomach churning.
SOME people DO recognize all too CLEARLY what it is from previous historical experience, variations on a theme.
Others are hopelessly lost, ignorant, brain dead and/or collaborative.
More importantly, our Fascist, mafia led, criminal labor organizations, AFL-CIA and SEIU, continue their collaborative, enabling role.
Our ONLY and best HOPE for resistance to challenge the STRAIGHT JACKET of current, institutionalized labor leadership and their policies resides in some newly formed, nascent, labor organizations such as the NUHW ( ) and NNU, National Nurses United, in particular, which are battling against the rising tide and wholesale class sellout policies represented above.
They represent the future, if one exists, at all, as THINGS FALL APART and we return collectively to the place form which we started with the greatest revolution, the USSR, its defense during WWII and subsequent socialist/communist post WWII global revolutions.

Lastly, I thought I would highlight the following because I think it is insightful, interesting, helpful, informative.
However, THE reason for news, media blackouts, disinformation, diversions and distractions, as raised below, are self-explanatory ones, ECONOMIC self-interest, contained within my many posts, namely, our counter-revolutionary, NAZI, global privatization with ALL participants concerned.
I have gone into the details of this repeatedly.
NO surprise, for example, nominally "Arab" UAE, GCC about which I have written extensively, plans HEAVY investment into Iraq.
The UAE, GCC "states" are economic front groups, conduits.

Generally speaking, proportional rule of thumb, the less one hears about a subject matter, the more important it is and the greater the lie.
ALL NAZI techniques:

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