Thursday, January 7, 2010


The many contradictions I follow on my posts do NOT go away.
On the contrary.
They intensify, continue unabated, exacerbated.
Ongoing FRICTION, confrontation, between Turkey's MILITANT class OPPOSITION AND MILITARY VERSUS THEIR
pseudo-Islamic, NAZI, PRIVATIZING AKP government continues, threatening to tear Turkey apart:

And, the REASON behind it all:



Likewise, NAZI Iran's occupation of Iraq and Iranian Mullah
Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad's Oil Minister.
Simply too many developments in Iraq for me to regurgitate the pieces on a moving chess board, bombings, north Iraq pipeline bombed at least 4 times, now, assassinations, murder, threats, intimidation, suicide bombings, killing, torture, violence, rape, persecution, mayhem, destruction, devestation.
Personnel within Iraq's oil ministries shuffled around so as to facilitate Iran's present control over Iraq.

oil income NOW threatened AGAIN by Iran's Oil Minister in Baghdad.
You can follow the details of all these machinations on numerous websites.

What is CLEAR to me both the US and its allies MILITARILY positioning themselves regionally, surrounding on ALL sides, in anticipation.

I have already pointed this out in previous posts.
One has to be a total fool NOT to see what is happening.
Additionally, Iran's present NAZI Mullah and
Ahmadimoron Revolutionary Guard regime destabilized and threatened internally through multiple covert operations, thus, divided, distracted.
A fight on multiple fronts.

In turn, as a response, NAZI Iran and Turkey and everyone else increase their internal and external repression to maintain, solidify control in desperate, defensive and offensive counter-measures, as those above.
The circle spirals upwards, NECESSITATING further and further MILITARY intervention.
Both tracks work simultaneously.

I mostly agree with the following analysis, EXCEPT, it is occuring ALREADY, NOW, not years from now, for reasons above and my previous posts:



And, then, a reminder, a previous post I did
January 2009.
Actually, a recapitulation from a post I did earlier in
October, 2008.
Am I prescient??
No, of course not.
It is impossible NOT to see, know, forecast what is happening in front of one's eyes and, thus, what will happen, the inevitable trajectory of events, IF one wears no blinders:

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