Monday, January 18, 2010


The report below by Helmer about Russia's richest man poses a question or riddle concerning a mysterious French apology to Russia's present NAZI cabal deemed their government.
I THINK I have an answer to Helmer's question, BELOW, but, I cannot say if it comes in the form of a "letter."
A quid pro quo, perhaps?

First, Helmer's report:

And, then, a POSSIBLE answer to Helmer's riddle as follows:

"French president Nicolas Sarkozy has agreed to allow Mistral-class amphibious ships to be sold to the Russian Navy. According to Intelligence Online sources at the Elysee Palace, the decision will be announced in March when Dmitri Medevedev visits Paris. (...)"


Meanwhile, back in the contemporary Norse, Viking saga, Iceland, in MY opinion, an EXCELLENT commentary and universal statement in the form of a different QUESTION posed in the link below.
Of course, tiny Iceland's country and population is NOT militarized to DEFEND themselves as are states like North Korea and Cuba.
So, will a/the MILITARY be sent to Iceland if they continue to "resist" current IMF, international NAZI demands?
Will Iceland's resistance get INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT?
Will Iceland be occupied?
Are there any jihadists, Islamic militants, Al-Qaeda in Iceland?
And, pointed out below, Iceland is hardly alone in our most current global, counter-revolutionary, NAZI project.
Greece, Turkey are amongst those IMMEDIATELY squeezed by NAZI IMF loans and privatization.

The US and the rest of the world not far behind, since the NAZI US Dictatorship is the world's LARGEST and most astronomical debtor nation, thanks to the SAME artificial, contrived theft, bubble and bankruptcy of a global, criminal, PRIVATE, organized, NAZI financial and economic cartel as everywhere else on the globe:


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