Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, it appears Iraq POSSIBLY is headed for NO elections in March.

In the latest defensive, offensive counter move on the Iraq/Iran chessboard, Chalabi and his Iranian partners, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Maliki,, are toying with Iraq's nonsensical De-Baathification Law to eliminate their opposition and thus thwart a planned, anointed, new Iraq government, MECATAC, Mashhadani,
Allawi and his group threatening to leave Iraq's electoral process.
That will make Iraq's present government null and void INVALID, ILLEGITIMATE by March, if not before.
It will then fall into a vague status of "caretaker government" and it all will be up for grabs AGAIN, setting into play another chain reaction of events.
Of course, WITHIN NAZI Iran events unfold, simultaneously, prior to that point.
The latest, amongst many others, an assassination attempt on an opposition figure.
I doubt an internal coup will succeed, however.
But, at minimum, Iran's present regime will be considerably weakened, disabled, internationally and internally delegitimized, distracted, etc.
From whence emanates NAZI Iran's money to finance all their military proxies, surrogates, militias, shock troops, activities, endeavors, everywhere?
This is one of the reasons why sanctions are so important.
I do not bother following anymore Baghdad's oil contracts for the reasons above.
For every desperate NAZI Iranian action in Iraq, they set into motion greater forces of reaction allied against them.
For every action comes a reaction of greater and/or equal force.

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