Thursday, January 21, 2010


TWO entries today.
This and one just below.

The disgusting piece of human shit and garbage and NAZI Dictatorship that entered the White House last November, 2008, yet proposes MORE NATIONAL DEBT!!
Of course, NOT one single tax on stock, bond or commodity trades:

And, then, the simple, fundamental implications of voodoo economics and indentured slavery as represented above:,%5EGSPC,UUP,GLD,TIP,TLT,TBT

In addition to the preceding obscenity, pouring more salt on an open wound, the smug, obsequious, sanctimonious, contemptuous hired help in the NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan White House Dictatorship whose campaign FIRST trashed public spending, now has NO limits to campaign contributions:

It is estimated the average United Suckers and Assholes tax represents approximately one third of his/her/their salary and working hours.
That means YOU or I work FOR THEM, ABOVE, one third of your life.
That in ADDITION to everything else YOU OWE, PURCHASE, BUY FROM THEM under the sun, from pensions, health insurance, housing, education, food, energy, etc.
And, what do you get for your labor and recycled tax dollars?
Those tax monies are NOT wholly and fully recycled into productive PUBLIC industry, natural resources, services, health care, etc.
Instead, YOUR tax dollars [and thus labor they represent] are recycled, GIVEN as subsidies, gifts to PRIVATE industry, corporations, individuals, business, banks, finance, the military and wars which operate TO EXPAND those same PRIVATE INTERESTS ABROAD.
DEBT, however, IS nationalized, socialized, collectivized, but, profits and interest payments are kept PRIVATE.
I am not interested in another bogus piece of garbage and shit emanating out of both sides and/or all orifices of NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's mouth regarding financial reform and all the many APOLOGISTS at home and abroad for him and them and this entire process.
I am interested ONLY IN FUNDAMENTALLY, PROFOUNDLY CHANGING THE ABOVE equation, relationship, upside down, inside out, reversing and standing it on its head.

And, then...below...

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