Sunday, January 17, 2010


I happened this weekend to watch a broadcast of a relatively recent discussion with Edwin Black about his supposedly controversial 1984 book, "The Transfer Agreement," documenting the NAZI German-Zionist transfer agreement of Jews to Palestine. I read Black's book shortly after its publication. As I recall, well over 20 years ago, it is well documented and ADDS important details to VOLUMINOUS material concerning WWII. However, over 20 years ago, I can no longer recall ALL material presented in the book and would have to reread it, myself. So, in Black's current discussion, below, to which I will link, while I do NOT agree with SOME of his extrapolations, suppositions, I cannot, FOR EXAMPLE, recall how much he represents or contextualizes other relevant historical subject matter, such as, a PRINCIPLED, Communist led, global Opposition, Resistance in his book, the Spanish Civil War, which occured simultaneously, and so on.
Certainly, he makes NO mention of it/them in his discussion, below. Nor, for example, the coincidental timing to implement NAZI Germany's "Final Solution" for plunder and slave labor with NAZI Germany's unanticipated military quagmire, halt, in the Eastern Front campaign against the Soviet Union and RED ARMY which did NOT proceed QUICKLY, as had been initially forecast.
They did NOT prepare for what subsequently happened on the Eastern Front and ultimately led to their defeat.
(Recognize something here?)
But, before I link to Black's one hour discussion, I thought, FIRST, I would link to a snippet, a small reminder, of a very large history about the WWII Battle of Stalingrad, BECAUSE, IN GENERAL, despite weakness, Black certainly does a better job than the ENTIRE panoply of our most current, pathetic, amnesiac, global Fascist collaborators and apologists masquerading as Opposition or Left. At least, at minimum, Black actually did scholarly research and made a valuable contribution to history, while the raison d'etre of our paid lackeys, covert and collaborative, manufactured ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET Left almost solely identify themselves in terms of MORAL opposition to OUR/THEIR Jewish/Zionist client state of Israel, which would cease to exist, obliterated off of the map, without the economic and military umbilical cord which binds them to their insidious CORPORATE NAZI parents, from inception until now. This same nauseating, sickening bunch of NAZI collaborators, revisionists, apologists CANNOT find, object to or recognize the wholesale sell off and sell out of NATIONALIZED, COLLECTIVIZED ASSETS AND INDUSTRIES of the former Soviet Union to the SAME reactionary, PRIVATE, individual, corporate, financial interests that financed Hitler and the Final Solution in the first place, much less anything and anywhere else.

THAT is why I chose to highlight the sacrifices and heroics of the Battle of Stalingrad, FIRST, THE turning point in the War, to plumb the depth, breathe, width capable of the lowest levels to which historical revisionism can sink, the magnitude of betrayal, opportunism and MORAL depravity now strutting its stuff on a global stage presenting itself as its opposite AND THE INEVITABLE REPERCUSSIONS that follow from it.
About the Battle of Stalingrad, excerpted from the link following:

"...The battle was the bloodiest in the history of warfare, with combined casualties estimated at nearly two million...."

Then, Black's interview and discussion:

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