Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wondering from whence will emanate and/or who will replenish 'OUR' current Middle East North Africa NAZI/Fascist barbarian armies, hordes?
No, not Big Bad Israel nor the US, alone.
A given, anyway.
Aside from the GCC, Saudis, Pakistanis and others.
Here's one more--
A military alliance between Morocco and the US:

For those who suffer from collective historical amnesia, which includes most everybody, it seems, except a few professional historians and revisionists who know better, but, exercise their knowledge in the profession of denial, a few, BRIEF, snippets, reminders of the THE MOORISH TROOPS INSIDIOUS ROLE IN NAZI FRANCO'S SPAIN:


"...It was no accident that the virtual home base of the Falange movement was Morocco, where many of the generals had served and come under the influence of Astray and Franco. Morocco was the site of the last Spanish imperial interests and the officers who served there quite naturally grew attracted to nationalist sentiments. In addition, the brutal war against the Moroccan Riffs, in the 1920s, hardened the officers who commanded the combat units and intensified their preoccupation with death and purification through death. Morocco was also the source of the troops most loyal to the Foreign Legion officers: the Moors, North African natives who were practically raised from childhood as soldiers (Chapters 1-3).
The Falangists were also closely allied with the conservative Catholic Church in Spain...."


It's a BIG, LARGE subject matter, above.
So, from this point you must do your own research and reading.
All I can add, we are swimming in a sea of NAZI garbage, refuse, the human detritus from WWII.

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