Friday, January 29, 2010


I would like to clarify something.
Events CURRENTLY transpiring, NOW, in the Middle East, Iran/Iraq, were NOT "planned" when this war began.
This is not unusual in history.
The outcome of ALL wars is uncertain.
If the outcomes were certain, history and the course of human events would look very different, SIMPLE and easy to predict.
A straight trajectory.
NOW, instead, "they" opened a hornet's nest and unleashed all the ills and evils of Pandora's Box, steeped in a quagmire of their own making.
In spy parlance, this is sometimes labeled "Blowback" BECAUSE
it was "they" who initially created all these various NAZI Islamic Frankenstein monsters throughout the Middle East, extending to Afghanistan, Pakistan to counter a growing Pan-Arab Socialist movement, their USSR allies and Communism, and, so, now, "they" must slay, curb, curtail, contain their own monsters, dragons AND the imperialist genie they let out of the bottle.
THEY will, of course, NOT say so, which is why ALL the COLLECTIVE denial, empty rhetoric, propaganda, bullshit, cover up, OBVIOUS lies, whitewash, excuses, doublespeak, so-called surge, terrorism, Al-Qaeda, diversions, FICTIONS, FANTASY AND a total news whitewash and blackout about Iraq/Iran.
The "war" IS LOST.
It was lost before it began.

So, now, "they" find themselves figuratively punting, moving from crisis to crisis, improvising and adjusting strategy on a moving chessboard, flying by the seat of their pants.
So many intractable, competing economic interests and contradictions unleashed all at once, too many uncontrolled variables and militias wandering about everywhere, heightened tensions and internal class conflict.
Somebody wins, somebody else loses.
ONLY ONE response to such a situation, ESCALATE, ESCALATE, ESCALATE and REPRESS.
Increase, intensify, escalate, expand violence, militarism to impede, inhibit, control, eliminate, neutralize, suppress, subdue some, many, all "enemies," opponents, actors, players, variables.

NO diplomatic solution exists, unless, of course, ALL were to suddenly acknowledge reality, apologize, withdraw, pack up and go home, as Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution did in response to WWI.
But, this will not happen BECAUSE OUR most recent global NAZI counter-revolutionary, imperialist PRIVATIZING project and structural edifice rises and falls on Middle East "success" and CAPITAL EXPANSION.
Their army of covert, compromised, collaborative operatives and apologists are all busy working to help save the Empire from itself.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
"You (they) broke it, now, you (they) own it!"

They can NOT, from THEIR perspective, pack up, leave and go home.
If they do, their GLOBAL PRIVATIZING game is finished, over, kaput.
So, that is why an ever greater multiplier of force, energy, resources, confrontation and militarism is forthcoming, inevitable, needed to counteract the disparate economic and geographic forces proliferating, mushrooming, competing and conflicting, pushing and pulling, tugging in different directions and vying against one another, simultaneously.
So, a multi-pronged, attack AND multiple front, coordinated strategy through the long, covert arm of the US State Dept AND military, combined, together, as Hillary Clinton described in their recent Iraq investment conference and MECATAC organization.

One thing is perfectly clear.

There is no way under the Imperialist Sun that NAZI Iran's militias and/or Mullahs will be allowed to control EITHER the strategic waterways of the Strait of Hormuz, the Arab Gulf region, AND/OR, the allocation of oil, gas resources in Iraq.
It IS a declaration of war. WE are AT WAR. But, WE do not say so.

First Congress has to make a resolution to declare war. That would be politically uncomfortable. They would have to acknowledge everything else. So, instead, it becomes a response, escalation to expanded terrorism. Mission creep. The 1950s Korean war was called a "police action."

Although the brainwashed and propagandized idiots in United Suckers and Assholes MAY not know what happens in shores beyond their land, since they barely know what happens in their own country, that does not mean it is not happening. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does not mean the tree did not fall and repercussions follow.
So, here's a SAMPLE list of SOME of Iraq's RECENT exploding events, with many more preceding and GUARANTEED MUCH MORE TO COME:\2010-01-27\kurd.htm

At this point, I will add an individual and urgent APPEAL for self-evident reasons.
It certainly is a DIRECT result of all above and below:

NAZI Iran's Mullah and Ahmadimidget regime recently accused Imperial NAZI Germany of fomenting covert activities.
True enough. I had information previously about NAZI Iran's VP Davoodi, Germany, Morgan Stanley, Bank Melli, the First Persia Fund connections.
Follow the embedded links backward:

China dallies over Iran sanctions since Mullah Sistani's son-in-law and Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, dangles oil contracts in front of their eyes. But, the contracts are not worth the paper on which they are written.

Ultimately, inevitably, ALL will lose BECAUSE it requires ever greater force, energy and RESOURCES to REVERSE, PUSH BACK, TURN AROUND the MANY forces PUSHING AGAINST THEM AND each other, like plugging holes in the Dutch dike, AND, reversing the flow and direction of HISTORY, TIME AND GRAVITY. Theoretically possible, but, in practice, impossible.
WWI brought forth the the Russian Revolution. As a consequence of WWII, the Russian Revolution was EXPANDED. Each time they lost. At greater and greater expenditure of energy, resources and human life.

Back here, for example, in our most politically regressive country on the planet, in addition to our current NUHW versus NAZI SEIU labor struggle, which I previously featured, the following and more on the same website.
THIS IS CHANGE and a burgeoning, meaningful, nascent resistance and opposition:

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