Thursday, January 14, 2010


Guess what.
A new island just discovered in the Caribbean.
LONG bin FORGOTTEN, like Osama bin Laden.
Haitians SUDDENLY become the epi-center of global attention thanks to a natural, as opposed to man made, disaster.
Do you wonder if Haitians, like here, when needing medical attention, are asked:
"Do you have medical insurance?
Do you have a preexisting condition?
Is this procedure covered?"

Poor, little island of impoverished Haiti, languishing in a vast, intentional, human created sea of poverty!
A long history, like so many others.
But, now, a miracle has occurred.
Haiti is rediscovered by the international community.
And, those who robbed Haiti, continuously, will now suddenly morph into magnanimous philanthropists, at a price, of course.
A very dear, high price.

As far as natural disaster is concerned, there are plenty in the past and plenty more coming, from tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteorites, climate change, hurricanes, violent weather, solar flares, tectonic plate shift, species extinction, periodic magnetic shifts deep within the earth's core, all of which we constantly learn about more.
And, the more we learn, the more threatening it looks.
We live on a constantly changing planet in a dynamic universe.

The continent on which the US resides has numerous, MAJOR, earthquake fault lines from its most famous one in California to Yellowstone National Park with its hot geysers in the northwest and a somewhat lesser known earthquake fault, cutting through the middle of the continent, in the Mississippi Valley, from Nashville, Tennessee spreading outwards and upwards.

Any one of those earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions, WHEN, not if, they occur, will make Haiti look like a picnic.
And, then, one wonders if the few remaining individuals left standing will be asked:
"Do you have medical insurance?"

And, just how will the human remnants organize themselves when ALL of their amenities of modern, daily life, civilization, electricity, water, utility, transportation, roads, housing, food, shelter, heat, emergency personnel, fire, medical services disappear, SUDDENLY, vanish, poof, in an instant.

Will they refer or defer to private ownership, individualism, to solve their COLLECTIVE mega disasters, as now.

War zones AND poverty are human created disasters and catastrophes.
In comparison to nature, however, war is chicken feed.
No human creation can ever surpass the magnitude and vastness of nature's power and might.
But, it is certainly true, globally, we do have enough military capacity to extinguish the entire human race.
And, an equal, irrational, insane, pathological, destructive, barbaric, dysfunctional, primitive economic system to match our military might.
Our primordial, diseased, pathological, cancerous and parasitic economic system is being spread and superimposed from without and within globally.
The planet and ALL its inhabitants are sick and dying from and of it.
What do YOU DO to halt, stop, defeat, turn back, turn around, eliminate, eradicate this infectious disease?

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