Monday, May 19, 2008


The above headline sums it up, "Iraq Is Biggest Ever Emerging Market..." a quote from Egypt's recent WEF meeting:

More accurately, it's not just Iraq, at the core, the centerpiece, but, the entire Middle East, the Middle East Free Trade Zone.
Recall that recent "lovely little war," military provocation, staged event, however one wishes to categorize it not too long ago in Gaza, well, here's the latest on its outcome, regarding the success of Egypt's EMG/Israel versus PA/BG gas deal:

People should remember Israel's electricity, along with most of the rest of the Israeli state, also being privatized.
Of course, Citigroup's Stanley Fischer is strategically situated in this process as CEO of the Bank of Israel.
On the related, Dana Gas corporation, the growing octopus to all of the above with its interlocking directorates, Abraaj, Jafar, Crescent Oil, Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, etc., the following expansion news:

Also, for those who have been reading my blog for some time now, you may recall my notes on the previous celebrations in NYC's swanky Waldorf-Astoria Hotel regarding Citibank's partnership with Turkey's largest bank, Akbank, and, by association/partnership, as well, Iran's Parsian, so, now, guess who will be financing Turkey's electrical privatization?
I'm sure you can figure out the answer to my question based on my leading hint.
"Akbank to Finance Turkish Energy Projects":

For a few more clear, telling statistics, replete with charts, on the breadth, width and scope of the new, GCC "Emerging" Private Equity Market:

And, "Sovereign Wealth and Private Equity...":

And, then, of course, for the destiny of the now dethroned Arab labor force:

They can look forward to joining the ranks of the redundant wage slaves serving their corporate masters like their brethren in the "free world." Welcome, all yea, to the new Arab Disneyland!
I wonder if they'll feature Lawrence of Arabia in Baghdad's Disneyland? (I've NEVER been to any Disneyland, anywhere, myself.
Why should I?
I live in one.)

So, you see, I do not need a vast, complicated web of conspiracy theories to understand what's happening. It's even televised. They broadcast, proudly.

Further, it seems, not surprisingly, BP and Exxon will be given Iraq's major contracts.

And, as the mopping up campaign continues in this transformative, privatization project, first, against the remnants of Sadr, the Butcher of Baghdad's, shock troops in central Iraq, and, now, in northern Iraq, Mosul, the remnants of any organized Baath Arab resistance and/or opposition are summarily extinguished under the name of Al-Queda or terrorism.

As part of this hastily and necessarily revised strategy, neither Kurdistan nor Kirkuk will get immediate independence. At least, not now. It will have to wait.

In the US, there's not much to say. Fascist, racist, corporate, candidates hold staged, choreographed events like Nazi youth rallies and then the corporate media and fake Left characterize him/it/them as Left, Liberal or alternative.
Domestic politics mirror foreign ones.
After all, the state toils for the same private interests who own it.

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