Thursday, October 10, 2013


No sooner did I post an EARLIER entry today, see/read just below, regarding a POSSIBLE, PROBABLE, US CONGRESSIONAL DEBT CEILING INCREASE, then, I hear/see POSSIBLE "default/debt" compromise on news.

Of course, stock market goes way up, along with IMF Lagarde enthusiastic support, happiness, rejoicing, as PRIMARY recipient of United Suckers and Assholes taxpayer largess.

Consequently, IF House Republicrats ACCEPT, which I imagine they will, a TEMPORARY OR ANY OTHER DEBT CEILING INCREASE, game, charade, finished, over, kaput, FOR ALL CONCERNED.

LEVERAGE disappears, evaporates, GONE with DEBT CEILING WIND, along with UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES country.
Down the drain.

However, IF Lower House Republicrats do NOT accept current PROPOSED TEMPORARY DEBT CEILING INCREASE, then, they too, themselves, MAY become dead ducks, victims!!

Don't forget, playing with NAZI games presents a very real danger, threat, hazard to life and limb.

Anyone, everyone, anything, standing in THEIR way either becomes exterminated, liquidated, neutralized, you name it, by all and every means necessary, every dirty, filthy, trick in THEIR long historical tactical HANDBOOK. 

So, let's see WHAT happens in next episode of ongoing saga, "AS NAZI EMPIRE TURNS."

"To accept or not proposed TEMPORARY DEBT CEILING INCREASE, that is the question."

MY BET ON ACCEPTANCE for ABOVE (and below) reasons.

I certainly will be most happily and pleasantly surprised IF it does NOT happen.

IMF Lagarde, amongst many others, will have to put back cork in a celebratory champagne bottle.

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