Saturday, April 12, 2014


First, it is imperative to understand when one lives here in US, EVERYBODY, I do mean EVERYBODY, PRETENDS we are NOT AT WAR in NAZI OCCUPIED killing fields of greater MIDEAST IRAQ/IRAN/SYRIA misadventure.

A PRETEND NATION for most anything and everyone, perfected at home of celluloid and tabloid Hollywood fiction. 

Remember, US troops withdrew from Iraq thanks to walking human trash can and petulant, petty, CIA boy toy, PUPPET, OBOOMA, Great Pretender in Chief, and, his entire star studded cast of NAZI WAR CRIMINALS ADMINISTRATION, characters.

So, as NAZI IRAN/KRG OCCUPIED IRAQ AND SYRIA sink further into their PROXY wars, chaos, oblivion, repercussions ripple outwards to NAZI OCCUPIED, ANNEXED, PARTITIONED and DEBT SQUEEZED, STRANGLED, IMPRISONED, carnivorous IMF Charybdis UKRAINE and PUTIN Scylla CRIMEA.

MIDEAST nexus MILITARY ESCALATION, INTERVENTION, being inevitable, Ukraine/Crimea an extension drawn into preceding irreconcilable contradictions.

One can EASILY follow international IRAQ (and, of course, UKRAINE) energy conflicts at other websites, many of which previously I featured.
I did enuf, already.

Actually, someone else managed to do one better than I, literally.

A woman got into a CLINTON event and tossed a shoe past Hillary!!
It missed, but, certainly caught Clinton off guard and on camera.

Shoe tossing as stealth weapon is catching on!!


Of course, such events, especially those of toy boy Obooma are carefully sanitized, scripted, secured, orchestrated, hermetically sealed against ANY possible bacteria of rage which might indicate REAL people exist and ALL ABOVE DETESTED, HATED!! 

But, Hillary's event, I ASSUME, was not official, and, someone obviously managed to quietly slip in as part of a quasi public venue, altho, always a POSSIBILITY exists she was helpfully admitted by unknown individuals intentionally.

Either way, its value as a symbolic gesture does not get diminished.

And, who would suspect a shoe as chosen weapon of mass distraction, destruction.

Maybe, now, as part and parcel of highly lucrative and capital intensive Homeland Insecurity, everyone attending ANY official event required to remove shoes?? 

A very low tech weapon, indeed, costing nothing except a shoe, preferably an old, worn, torn, one.

One would not want to waste a good pair of shoes on such HUMAN TRASH, GARBAGE, as is our PRESENT and PAST GOVERNMENTS combined, THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS, AND, NAZI PARTNERED US AFL-CIA LABOR thugs.

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